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Dell’s somewhat unusual keyboard

I could read the stuff at the end of the post from Jake Gordon…we had to be able to read ASCII–from tape–in the Navy.  See if you can (read the garbled attempt at touch typing, that is).  I’ve also used keyboards similarly dysfunctional to the average user (like the ** teletype).


Anyway, the meat of it is that it’s a screwed-up keyboard.  On the usual U.S. keyboard, the ‘z’ key centers (centres, for UK types) between the ‘a’ and ‘s’ and the tab is next.  On the pictured keyboard that space is taken up by a ‘colon/backslash key’ (which U.S. types find at the top right, just left of the ‘backspace’ key).  And now Dell is deliberating how to correct the shipment–to the United Kingdom, no one day deliveries, mind–of said…eh…unusual keyboards.



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