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meanings 3

meanings 3

you promise me
meanings. i cannot stand
the ones i know,
i have.
Yes, if you truly empathize with ‘me’–because of having been in the situation–you’ll scream

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meanings (x)

meanings (x)*

meanings and sixpence.
the latter fill the palm:
the former bring headaches.
you can’t sell the meanings,
though that’s all the pence are.
you prate of salvation, nirvana, freedom…
i ponder my empty palm.

There! my essay on money, although I should do the prose form fairly shortly. I wrote this just after coming ‘home’ after the Vietnam war. So say….oh, just a ‘rough’ estimate…November 6, 1976. I’d been reading Proust, Kafka and Zelazny. Oh, and Lem. What a likely mix. Delany’s Dahlgren was in the background, although there are some massive problems with that; glance

*This means in this case that I had a series and then threw away half of them. Which seems oddly apposite.

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