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“Tuesday” Patches–Critical

Those annoying monthly updates are back, and all of them critical, apparently.  To preach, do the monthly updates.  The Adobe patches are invariably critical, incidentally.


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Windows Internal Processes, presented by…

Microsoft, the company everyone loves to hate.  I myself like to use Autoruns.  I saw that MS had acquired it and left out tools that were of use primarily for programmers, supposedly.  Knowledgeable users can do a hell of a lot more than was expected when I was a kid.  I, of course, did none of that.  That site I linked to is hard to find and has enormously valuable tools.  Process explorer and process monitor under utilities from the ‘sysinternals process utilities’ can be uniquely useful at times, for instance.


And here is an index that’s a lot more handy, actually.  I also returned again to write this.  I can’t overemphasize that if you decide to stop a process you’d better know what you’re doing.  This is a library of very powerful programs that could easily destabilize a copy of Windows past repair.   The system.ini and autorun.bat were things that established the parameters of the given system, something you expect your GUI (your nice shiny platform like Windows, Mac/Leopard, Linux or any of at least 20 OS’s) to do these days.  If you blew it, you could type them in again.  Watching processes is fine.  Look for some information before doing anything, and Google really is a good place to start.  There’s also ZDNet, PCMag and eWeek that have expert help, especially the ZDNet forums.


As far as a download site, I class this as secure as it gets.

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Microsoft and the Web

Here is one of the classic rants I’ve ever read about installing stuff from Microsoft (sometimes:  sometimes it’s smooth).  The supposed transition to Windows Live, the great experience, wiped out to the best of my knowledge.  I’d only had the address for over ten years.  You’ve gotta read that link if you’ve ever been frustrated with Windows, the Web and particularly Microsoft.


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Internet Black Holes

I haven’t seen much on the black holes since the initial announcement…but the New York Times analysis of the Yahoo!-Microsoft merger gone bad–this following on a Sunday article I won’t link to because I’m waiting to see.  Note that the article to which I did link notes that talks between Google and Yahoo! have apparently ended.  Google had an escape option anyway, with a revenue clause written in.  The analyses which have been going on from late last year until now (and, let us note, are continuing) are interesting.  Icahn continues on the outside as more than a bit player, although he’s generally been regarded as a comedian in this particular venue until lately.  Judging by his assets (which heads down a philosophical line I won’t tread in news stories) I’d…not judge too hastily on the merits of his judgment.


God, I’m proud of that.  Maybe I can work for the government someday.


P.S.  What this means in real terms is:  no one knows quite what’s going on, but the information business is a very hot deal.

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MS Software sold without license (o mi god, what comes next)

Microsoft opened a case recently alleging improperly licensed software was sold in the U.S.  That trackback is to a Register article.  The sources of the software were US, Canada, Egypt and the Netherlands with the actual alleged source being Arabian…there was an Egyptian governmental drive to improve software availability to the public, so apparently packages similar to the student packages legitimately offered in the U.S. (like Office for a fraction of the price through your higher school–if you’re a student)…were just sent to the U.S.  Counterfeit “genuine” stickers, startup passwords, the whole bit (Microsoft in that second trackback strongly warned me I should be sure to stick to genuine MS products).  A couple were purchased by MS investigators and installed and started properly.

My question is:  so, okay, the Egyptian packages were replaced.  With what?  There’s a vast feeling of something missing to the story thus far.  It does just hurt my heart to see how Microsoft’s losses affect the global economy, as well.


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are you smart? who are they kidding?? is a section of the week in news, a recurring feature.  These idiots think someone’s I.Q. (which may merely be a logic/gaming quotient, what “they” (the experts, of course) said when someone actually aced the Stanford-Binet.  Oh, wait.  MS.  Microsoft.  Okay.  So they’re complete idiots and think that what they say is the measure of truth and intelligence.  They want ‘us’ or at least what they perceive as us…to perceive them as the measure of truth…also misnamed intelligence.


And as SF writers have been remarking for some time…the virtues of “intelligence” are debatable.  Probably the first truly lucid discussion was Brian Stableford in the Daedalus series.


–And I will actually get photos and crap up.

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