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My Existent Problem (with scribing 40 years of the pursuit of knowledge)

Other than chronic pain and recurrent stupidity, I mean.  The former I keep trying to control and then spend a couple of weeks pushing the limits and lengthening my period of mobility.  If I were to give up it wouldn’t be long before limitations became permanent, or nearly so.  The second I just take guards against, I guess.  Anyway, the primary problem these last 15 or so and particularly the last 8 is just this:  I’m trying to transcribe a complex, multi-layered system by means of a two-dimensional, low-resolution set.  That it can be said guarantees its existence, because it has thus been brought into being.  That which cannot be said may also exist, and if it does is more likely to be true.  That is because if something is said, it exists–and if it exists, its perception will forever be blurred.  That is why it is best to avoid names.



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