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about avoiding speech

shared silences

i wonder if you think
you’ve robbed me of my words.

you gave me something precious:
knowledge, and my only thanks

can be silent.
i used you as an augury.

i thought to have no choice.
the echo you may await can never come.

i have
you see

achieved, in that tiny matter

it is complete.



The relationship to the mentioned hexagram is via a rather different interpretation, incorporating 24.  This poem is about the writer committing an error by not attempting to act with ‘firm correctness’.  It is also a very dour picture of the future, but then this is merely a story. One hopes.

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samwise agonistes

on memory and other fruitless agonies
samwise agonistes

i see your trace
on my soul’s walls
like a baby’s footprint
set in concrete, lasting
and quite meaningless,
a lesson in time itself


just so
as i scrub with all my might
to remove that stain
you remain,
and your shadow fills my sight.

*‟agonistes‟ is “someone in the grip of inner conflict‟ and samwise the so-named self is certainly born of that (courtesy Chambers as portrayed by WordWeb Pro not cross-checked with ancient Lesser Oxford English because I’m old, lazy, arrogant and I did know it was a word though the meaning can be slightly more complex and/or complicated.


More precisely it is about the acquisition and cataloguing of values (or meanings, if there is a difference); thus it is in the realm of social psychology, indeed.

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Of Truth and Images

“(…suddenly I realize, I am a ghost, myself)…”

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on transfiction

On transfiction

paused within a moment’s
transfixing, transficting* gaze

i am wordless, caught
by a pure concept

its crystalline, momentary
refractions, reflections

that leave no trace
trans formed** to fiction
indeed [how odd you call them facts!]


*transfiction; the transformation of reality into its representation, which is then taken as real (as in reality; it is of course real because it serves a function, is used and thus must obviously exist; questioning the amount of connection between a representation and the ‘real’ is quite a different matter–see Law and Justice).
** Not a typo, thankee kindly. And ‘thankee’ predates the Oxford Dictionary. I daresay out of usage.  It was used after the establishment of The Dictionary, mind you, as well.


This might also be taken to be an attempt at definition of an active process in human society.  Then again, it might not.


Final note, this isn’t McLuhan’s ‘factoids’ construction, which is media-wise the same principle in basis.



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sayings (5)

sayings (5)

should escape not be sought
none will be found.

(i learned from my fathers
and know
all else false; it is thus

(change overwhelmed
and killed me, just
as i celebrated
never changing)

when that tree falls
there is sound, yes.

can you hear it?

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sayings (4)



Sayings (4):  a part is wordless

–synergy in action


unnamed empty eyes

echoing sourceless

(voice-seeming) sounds,,

deserted worn rooms

marks of time past/passed


shifting sands sift.

a child scribbles runes,

a seagull cries, caught

far inland.


only patient waiting

and reflection is wise.

sudden departure without return

comes without warning; all

must be abandoned.


the sign is this;

two dogs fighting

over a dry bone

An instant’s vision and three weeks to write, to very roughly approximate. This net (language) is simply strung wrong.

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If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there, is there any sound?


What is a sound?

Tell me what a ‘one’ is, and I may answer.

Are trees no one?




Tell me of truth and I will tell you of silence.  But you still will not have taught me how to hew wood and draw water, and how to carry them.



*shadowy visions from a seer




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