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on meaning

i carry you
in my pocket, pennywise
guardian and charm

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New gaming site up: .  Non-conventional games, looks at a glance to include cell phones and other unconventional gaming devices.  Place that the start-up was noted is quite reliable, no markings for bad content.  ‘FWIW’


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Virus shipped with new Asus Weee mini PC

Oops.  May have gotten too many ‘e’s in there.  Think you’re safe with a new PC?  You’re not.  Vigilance is unfortunately the only watchword.


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to, of, and for our beloved politicians

about truth and politicians

you give me

you are your

rehearsed repeated and


that of heart, theme, and soul: of course

i believe you.

how could i not?



I must admit there are some indications that Obama may be in respects a truthful man.  (We live by lies.  We define ourselves by them.  We give our selves the “slack” that our peers must deserve if we do–but somehow we never manage to get around to giving it.  More and worse than that truth is a matter of language, of words–and that means that when I say something that results in you hearing truth, it’s exception not rule.)  Honesty is disastrous for politicians.  But then, I don’t believe in free will today.

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sketched gestures, i

reach to touch

and you are gone



‘Each image we perceive has elements of ourselves within it.’  Samwise Davies

July 25, 2008 at 12:55 pm 1 comment

sheared visions

sheared moves

how unfortunate
our mutual moves toward and past included
no resolution, at all



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current poetry: slanted visions

slanted choices


these were, it seems, slanted choices
that you gave me, hemmed and bordered
by need, though you termed  those
mostly half-fancied and unreal. it was rather
odd.  i’d known you fancied yourself
mistress of all that was ours, namegiver and guardian of the gate

or at least i thought i did.
certainly i didn’t know what to do
as, crying, you embraced me
and then ran from the room
crying that i’d betrayed you
though in truth i didn’t do anything; i was too stunned.

years later, too, i find myself wondering if…
and if i’d welcome you or not.  i don’t even recognize
that face in the photos.


Any comments would be appreciated.  This form is more centered on communication than form, but it is meant…oh, never mind.

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