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…exploding thong

Just so I don’t miss the boat on going entirely off subject, a woman has sued those darn Victoria’s Secret* people for her, well, exploding thong.  I keep wondering (and wondering if I want to know) just what hit her in the eye. 


*So what the h*ll does she keep Secret??

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A Business Revolution

Businesses around the world are considering this one as a new business model.  As the Reg reports in the referenced article, a Cambridge woman got a 180 M USD electricity bill the other day.  It was the switchover between companies that was confusing; it’s sort of like the poor wireless companies in the United States that have to charge outrageous bills with weird contracts to sucker people into phones they can’t get away from.  Oops, sounds like I don’t like cell phones.  I do.  Really, I do.  That’s why I gave mine to my wife.  Anyway, the idea is, see; you make this terrible error, and you take, say, five business days to correct it.  Well, if you have a million customers and make the mistake serially, just think what it does for quarterly profits. 


Oh, well, it was an idea.



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Dell’s somewhat unusual keyboard

I could read the stuff at the end of the post from Jake Gordon…we had to be able to read ASCII–from tape–in the Navy.  See if you can (read the garbled attempt at touch typing, that is).  I’ve also used keyboards similarly dysfunctional to the average user (like the ** teletype).


Anyway, the meat of it is that it’s a screwed-up keyboard.  On the usual U.S. keyboard, the ‘z’ key centers (centres, for UK types) between the ‘a’ and ‘s’ and the tab is next.  On the pictured keyboard that space is taken up by a ‘colon/backslash key’ (which U.S. types find at the top right, just left of the ‘backspace’ key).  And now Dell is deliberating how to correct the shipment–to the United Kingdom, no one day deliveries, mind–of said…eh…unusual keyboards.



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