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Windows XP and Availability

OEM.  There is a stock, even at the official changeover, of the last and sometimes even previous Operating Systems.  Tongue-in-cheek at least one also buys at least one piece of hardware; having said that I’ll proceed.  At one time 98, ME and 2000 were available; I don’t think 98 survived XP’s broaching simply because Microsoft terminated all support for it officially.  No driver updates, no responses to threat assessments, nothing.  There were questions regarding the possible availability of Windows XP after the deadline.  Remember, you’re buying a piece of hardware too.  Or at least you meant to.  Since this is an awfully good site for hardware and Microsoft has been touchy about appearances, at least consider buying some piece of hardware.


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A lot of people don’t know about these folks.  They’ve been in the industry a long time, they’re extremely reliable, and they’ll pretty much beat anyone local on prices, no matter where you are.  I should also mention that “OEM” does mean a legitimate copy of software shipped with hardware, which means you can get some very inexpensive legitimate Microsoft software from these guys.  I’ve only dealt with them since sometime in the late 80s as I recall.


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