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Sarah Palin and the Moose

From what I hear, the Mexican photos of Sarah with a moose didn’t exist.


It was a polar bear (and here I thought they were afraid of wolverines).


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Memory as a Protected Trade Secret

This was actually first of all prompted by a ruling regarding expired patents that I’ll get to in a second.  However, I personally find this even more interesting.  What the article doesn’t cover–and the ruling apparently doesn’t cover–about trade secrets is this–basically, what constitutes a trade secret as opposed to a non trade secret, casual memory.  For that matter, what constitutes a unique process? and if memories can be patented (essentially) then ideas seem to be to the fore. 

The other thing I mentioned is this:  ever wonder how all that stuff remained patented forever? it doesn’t.  I did know that; I also have seen quite a few things that were patented when I was 5 years old, about 50 years ago…still are.  So they try to slide around patent laws by saying “this may be patented”.  Interesting.  There are whole barracks-worth of lawyers searching for loopholes, and we rarely realize it.


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