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Google Chrome Out of Beta

But first of all, that means Avant and Orca have updated versions Chrome is here.  All three are very fast.  Chrome being out of beta means that they quit being ridiculed by the industry, while having  a browser that offers significant conveniences like most-visited pages being “home”.  Rendering on the old version of Avant was less than perfect.  Orca was lightning-fast.  All offer incognito modes; Orca lets you open the windows last open.  All are worthwhile checking out.  The security of Mozilla Firefox (such as it is) appeals to me.  So in its day did its predecessor Netscape.  Chrome is likely to have more money put behind it than any other browser except IE and Apple’s Safari, with the latter being as yet probably unsafe for PC users.  The interface between Windows and OS X Leopard has been less than smooth from what I’ve seeing as far as utilities being imported.  And no, I think any trojans employed between the two are for personal rather than business use.


P.S.  Revising the post, the new release of Chrome seems flawless.  There’s another browser on the market that beats it for speed, but it’s not something I’m familiar with at this point.

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Firefox and a Dozen Patches

If you just use Firefox as a secondary browser (I use more than one for various reasons, basically not pertinent)…it’s time to fire ‘er up.  A dozen patches were released this week.  Unless you have the auto-update disabled, which is as I’ve mentioned (and shall continue to nag) is a very bad idea, if you use it regularly this is just of mild interest.  If you don’t, there’s going to be an interesting period of vulnerability when you know there are exploits out there (even if you don’t go surfing) and it’s downloading.  Hopefully, just the patches.

IE 8 has the same display problem as does Avant right now; Orca (which I’m using to make this post) has the clean display and lightweight CPU and memory usage as does Avant.  To repeat myself.  Firefox seems incredibly slow to start but then does its usual “pretty damn’ graceful for a drunken elephant” act.


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