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Honesty and Autobiographies

I suspect I’ll start doing just that on (one of) my other sites on LiveJournal.  The honesty will and must be tempered a bit because of self-interest.  If, for instance, I knew the name of a person who took or almost took the thousand-mile swim to port I’m positive I wouldn’t repeat it and assuredly wouldn’t point to myself as cause, forty years separation + or not.


However, I made a deal with something or someone.  The way that worked out is that I’ve survived things that are supposed to be fatal.  Since the latest thing is the prescribed medication I’ve been taking for seizures (to prevent them, to make that clearer) should have killed me in four years.  I use an exact timeframe because that is what was used by the doctor who prescribed it and who told me to not look at the warnings, because I’d just get frightened or depressed.  “This is the first time I’ve done something like this, Glenn, but I don’t know what else to do.  This is too much of this medicine and it will damage your liver.  Never take acetaminophen (the anti-seizure medications are loaded with it) to hold it off a little.”


Four years would have been 2009.  I show the effects of the overdosing; internal bleeding is the main one.  I should have unusually weak bones and don’t; however, the medicine greatly intensifies the effects of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome both in theory and practice.  To translate that in other terms, too; I have a lot more pain because of them.  But then I wouldn’t feel at all theoretically if I didn’t take them, and I’d much rather die than have another seizure.  I have been to Hell, and I didn’t like it.  As far as the Hell in the Bible I’m agnostic; as far as what I experience during and post-seizure I know without doubt, and much more than I’ve told or been able to tell.


For now, yeah, the pain is getting worse…I also had 45 minutes without pain for the first time since I was 33 on February 29 (2016).  The return of it nearly killed me.  Oh, well.  Shit happens.

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Rest of the Night

I’ve already got a “diary” entry of sorts started on the other computer that has 64KB bad on the hard drive.  Said entry is headed for LiveJournal.  This computer goes down for maintenance for a while.  That’s the really good part of having the two computers.  I can be conscientious and have actual access at the same time.

The LiveJournal blog is, well, I mean…that’s where it is.  Has a couple of entries in it for that matter.


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Spencer F Katt

Which tends sometimes to be fairly funny, especially to someone like me.  Briefly, it’s a (copyrighted) cartoon strip basically aimed at a professional IT audience.


Maybe someone should swallow a Babel fish and then they’d be able to speak to executives, managers, supervisors, actual users, programmers…and even themselves, when they’ve remembered to take their lithium.


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A handy tip on shortcuts; Pandora; Firefox vs. Avant, One actual source for motherboards plus CPUs in one purchase and OEM Windows software

You can put one of those “http” addresses directly on your desktop as a shortcut, and your default browser will go right to that page.  That’s right, it will open it too (the browser, not something embarassing).   This also means that if you really like Pandora Radio like I do…you go up to that address bar, right click and choose copy, and go to the desktop and choose “paste” or if it gives you the option “paste shortcut” just to be creative and get that little arrow.  In some future class we may discuss getting rid of those pesky little arrows and other things but I don’t feel like it right now.  Incidentally, what I’m using Firefox for right now is listening to Pandora.  I already set up Outlook Express for an IMAP with Google and I’m incredibly lazy (I also very much subscribe to “If it works don’t fix it–stupid”), so I leave OE/IE as default and do actual browsing on Avant, which I’m just flat pleased with, just as with WordPress.  I don’t know why, but actual correct grammar crept in there.


Final note, I actually checked the site and Newegg is an actual place for purchasing (as mentioned above) motherboards with CPU’s (the very idea of doing this in separate purchases somehow makes my blood pressure rise; if anyone asks I’ll explain why) and for buying OEM Windows–Vista–software.  This latter is still valid by the rules as written.  That I’m building one computer instead of a thousand doesn’t vary my rights, though it will change the price I’m charged.  Which means the best Vista home system for under a hundred bucks, and as I said if I get some requests I’ll do a bit of research.  I haven’t seen a hard release date yet for the next version, although it’s pretty obvious Microsoft is playing its usual tricks at this point of hinting heavily but only hinting, and unattributably.  Realistically, if it’s produced in time for Christmas it’s pretty well guaranteed to have major flaws because of lack of time for testing on major changes, and because few if any of the vendors will have had any chance to  provide driver compatibility with the new OS.


It does look like it’s probably time to switch to Vista if your computer is capable of it.  Limited coverage is just that, and an OS is by nature integral.  I’m also considering doing Linux on the other drive.  However, I’m still contemplating a switch in boot drives that should have required a change in hard configuration as far as Master/Slave.  I think.  I doubt I’ll ever buy a computer for myself that I didn’t build.  Particularly since documentation can vary from flawless to basically non-existent.


Back to The Houses On Taylor Street, I think.  This looks possible to write, but there’s one absolute requirement.  I have to write it.  Talking about writing won’t do a dam’ thing.  Ah well.


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ZDNet, take on Firefox vs. IE

The headline pretty much covers it.  This is one current article, again.  Over the years, at least since Netscape’s demise, there has been unceasing coverage of some, of any, competitor to Internet Explorer.  I’ve never really heard of a competitor for the Apple/Mac market, though admittedly I’ve also never followed it closely.


Avant has amazed me since the first try, and continues to rather surprise me.  It surely didn’t on first acquaintance (I seem to remember it being touted as the production of a college student or two in their spare time, with no interest at all in sales, documentation or anything else).  This is version 11 and I couldn’t easily be more pleased.


Don’t get me wrong.  I like Firefox, just as I liked Mozilla.  The fact that Firefox requires Thunderbird for e-mail capabilities doesn’t particularly please me.  The idea of a web-based OS for everything related to the internet continues to intrigue me.  It seems there are a lot of possibilities there for making badware harder to to use.  Weed out the executables somewhere along the way…but then there are Power Point addicts.  And the like.  For me Active-X and the like are generally things that slow down site response.


I like IE 8 a lot better than anything since something like 5 or 6, although rendering is in fact back to hit-or-miss.  WordPress’ response was ‘it’s a beta and not supported’ which is quite reasonable.  The only current free browser I’ve seen that has anything in particular to commend and recommend it is Avant.  The only one to definitely avoid (if you’re running Windows) is Safari.



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Today’s Poetry (and how to handle the unexpected)

                   answers (2)

when the crystal flowers grew
we were uncertain what to do.
ah, but when they cut us:
    we smashed them.


and which is quite apropos it seems of much of what I’ve been saying recently.  Odd.  That poem was written before my return to Oregon, after I’d gone back to Oak Harbor.  1976, that was.

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UFO files opened for HM…HM…Her Majesty’s Whatever. From. For.

Anyway, although that Royal Presence’s hierarchy of power gleefully explains ” (Be warned though, the MoD says upfront that it has never found any solid evidence of aliens, secret American hypersonic stealth spyplanes or anything else good)” there will be a continuing (legal) leak of evidence here.


Oddly enough, although I had a Top Secret crypto clearance in the last years of the Vietnam war and worked for George Steele (as in admiral) in the comm shack I recall not one single mention of a UFO that wasn’t cleared.  I was there from January 1972 until August 1975.  I was a traffic checker, which means I saw a third of the traffic that wasn’t NIS during my tenure.


I haven’t as yet perused the archives.   They were brought to my notice by this game of aerial tag reported in Monday’s Reg.  A helicopter dodged a UFO coming straight at it and then gave dutiful chase.  I keep trying to feel excited about this.  There were a couple of UFO “proofs” that I had a chance to investigate that turned out to be unusual but perfectly explicable.  It’s conceivable that someday I’ll go into detail.


…And talk of the new religions.  Articles of faith abound, along with sacred protocols.  When established protocols–especially social protocols–quite working, experimentation would seem to be pretty much the only alternative.

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Um. Hip credit cards??

So okay, the word “hip” severely dates me.  These are skins for your credit card.  I’m sorry, but I find rap more attractive than this.


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Today’s Pursuits

The first was in direct response to my wife’s plea to me to get her old computer hooked back up.  I think a lot of it has to do with her being fond of it somehow.  I bought it as a cheap Internet access for her, frankly, with obvious possibilities for playing conventional games and watching DVDs.  I left it up to her to buy a decent sound system.  I may be moving this over to the stereo system, but today’s brief experiment just wasn’t encouraging.  I connected everything more or less properly (I may have forgotten that brief bow to the east, accompanied by the muttered phrase “Fuck you very much” while extending the middle finger of the left hand in the direction of the sky; this is very important, to anyone new to installing or maintaining computer systems).  It once again decided it needed to “check the hard disk”.  I think that’s the verbiage.  That, or something equally informative.  It seemed to take forever (my computer bought at the same time had/has a 2 gig cpu).  Got stuff connected, including the tablet/pen and the combo wireless keyboard/mouse software installed.  And it just couldn’t quite seem to find a wireless network within reach.  It might have of course have been the wrong password.  Except I verified that on the keyboard sitting next to me.   Did I forget to mention that?  we started with the horrendous distance of about six inches and ended at about as close as you could get.  After which I gave up and plugged the fucking thing into the modem router and after which it seemed to give a nearly-feminine sigh of exasperation and acknowledge that well, if it was hard-wired there really couldn’t be any reception problems.  You son of a bitch.  Or something like that.


Right now I’m realizing the sorts of things that I want to do with it like install a completely different OS like Linux.  Hope I can do some sort of a transfer of info because it really looks like the hard drive on that computer is bad, and even MS has certified the copy as valid.  For the little that means.  I’d forgotten that allowing her computer to go into standby means that it crashes and goes through the disk verify routine, if I now remember correctly.  What will happen eventually is a kind of data networking that is (not easily) mobile.  This also keeps my mind off pain and the kind of insanity that will probably be involved in the claim for PTSD and their investigation.  Keep in mind that at least notionally a lot of those things could never possibly have happened.  The things, that is, that contributed to my lack of reason, my occasional tendency to destroy things including attempting to destroy myself. 


I do go on, don’t I?  This was originally quite a while ago, and I’m just leaving it.  Might as well whine once in a while.


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Yahoo!s Home Page

They may actually change it to be usable!  The write I saw was about the Australian site but they’ve already changed the American site!  It seems like I have to end all of my sentences with exclamation marks!


…and I can finally quite using MSN as a home page.  It really has burned me all these years that it’s simply been the most functional.  Avant Browser appearing and what appears likely to be a viable home page that has nothing to do with Microsoft…what’s next?  We might even get to vote for the president, instead of the electoral college.


–Sorry, I was dreaming there.


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