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Brevity of Posts

And their scarcity; I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and at times find concentration difficult with continuing pain.  Which I like talking about less as time goes on because, for one thing, I have to do it more.  I was also brought up in a military family for quite a while.  I went through boot camp and had open blisters the first day, infected feet the second (due to boot camp first aid), and bleeding feet for the remainder of thirteen weeks.  You march in boot camp, by the way.  You stand at attention (I have a damaged vertebrae that attests to that; my company commander told the company to ‘break’ me and the way I was brought up I had to win).  At some point mentioning it except just like this except out of necessity privately is senseless.  I’m not actually unresponsive.  I have Type VII.  Sorry.

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Searched for a cure yet again; yet again there’s none.  The pain increases daily, though each night I go to bed somehow thinking it couldn’t get worse.  Pray for me, to an unknown God?

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The Mantra for Continuation

I will conquer, not you.  You cannot stop me.  When I can move no further, I will–always–take the first step.  When others tell me I can’t I will show I can.  There is no pain and there is no weariness.  You cannot bind me; I will conquer you.

The short form: “There is NO PAIN.” 


*To Be Continued, a very old notation

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an update

My step-daughter’s car died, and she’s got mine.  Which means, in combination with the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, pain will rise yet again.  Perhaps our troubles are merely a reflection of the country’s.  I’ve notified the VA I’ve nothing further to submit on my claim; these are the people that warned me that they might suddenly decide.  From past experience, it’s meant to intimidate.  Or so someone who graduated from psych with honors would have it, and with some onhand experience in the Navy.  I have been writing, offline, because I simply can’t afford to lose the base materials.  I should be going to absurd lengths I suppose.  At heart I don’t trust computers or related formats, after 36 years of experience.  [Related formats:  storage devices.  I’ve seen every kind fail.]

Social organization/language as seeding mechanism?


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Down For A While

Due to some things going on in my life (re boring things like finance, Social Security, loops quite similar to those in programs) this is the first post in a while.  Just out of masochism I decided to try out the Google IE 7 browser, and all went wrong.  After that came a ccApp.exe “hook” [theoretically more on that later] which needed to be dealt with.  Very weak having someone in town build a computer for you.  If you don’t buy a Dell or whatever…build it yourself.  I’ve also stretched it as far as pain goes, so I’m feeling a trifle monosyllabic.  However Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is as soothing and peaceful as ever.  Reminds me of…of…Lucy?


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Fighting Pain

I guess one of the main problems is just that, for me.  I fight pain, and most of my lower back vertebrae are subject to compression fractures.  It’s arguable that I belong to the Orvis clan; if so, I guess I come from quite a long line of fighters (and sailors).  Then again, I don’t know a better way than fighting it.  The acceptance way is not mine.


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this is it for today

I just managed to walk something like 4 miles.  We really can’t afford a taxi; the bus doesn’t go there any more (not enough traffic; there’s merely a hospital there plus most of the Rogue Valley’s medical clinics).  I applied for VA benefits for PTSD.  I’ve actually done well to write this much.  Odd how we hide our fragility from our selves.


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At least we can soon expect not to get stoned off our medical marijuana

Wow.  What a medical advance.  They’ve adapted a pesticide to give us the same pain relief as from pot–much more expensive, don’t worry–and best of all, the drug companies get to make a profit.  Wow.  They could even make growing pot at home illegal…that’s right, they already did.  In fact–in technical fact–there is a revolution going on.  That something should be federally illegal, not illegal in a state, and not generally enforced is something the government doesn’t want noticed.


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