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A Brief Note

I do feel that ISIS is a major enemy.  If the U.S. is to be the leader in attacking it I think it’s great that the Republicans are doing so.  It would have been a major disadvantage to the Democrats to have done that before the election.  As far as diplomacy goes, China has shown that it can’t be trusted (the first time Westerners came to that conclusion was B.C.).  The sanity of the North Korean leader is questionable, but it’s not impossible that they have missiles capable of reaching the U.S.  Whether or not China has actually rebuked North Korea is questionable–very.  President Trump has eliminated all options except warring openly with ISIS because of what he’s said; anything else would simply make the United States a target.  He may actually control the press; however, I think he more likely will attempt to do so and fail.


That means that any security as far as classifications and control of dissemination of information is gone.  Most vetting of incoming military and civilian personnel for clearances is done via machine, where a Background Investigation at one time involved people going out and actively questioning people involved with the prospective entrant into a secure enclosure.  To attempt to go back and re-investigate those already involved with secure information is useless in all probability.  Entire bureaus would have to be closed and whole routines, procedures and protocols [chained: perception-definition {generally but not necessarily societally generated, dependent upon source of the representative system used for mentation}-action, with perhaps several of these modules included] changed, which is very hard; after all, the inability to do so is what has routinely destroyed societies and civilizations.


I’m dubious that Russia is an ally.  Then again, I’m naturally suspicious and then I was trained to be so.


I didn’t feel attracted by Clinton as a presidential candidate.  I felt less so because of being on her (badgered) mailing list.  Voting for someone because of not liking the other candidate is a crappy reason to vote.  I just didn’t feel there was any viable candidate offered.  I’ve done a lot of research on Trump (not timewise); I wanted to find out if various claims were true.  Did he get just a one million dollar loan (“just?”) from Dad and start his golden rise to success?  Go RESEARCH IT.  Has he had any resounding failures, or rolled out from under responsibilities? I answered that already.


Do I intend to engage in activities that I feel would be harmful to the United States?  No.  The oath still applies.  I am to protect…from all enemies…  Which means not making myself one.  I’m also old and have a bad disorder (non-transferable unless you’re one of my children–which presumably means you’re Taiwanese) as in crippled.  Not much of a threat unless my words are sharp as swords…

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On Politics


what is this you try
to give me?  i need no slogans.  i make–and suffer–
my own.


I’m sure I fear the thought of Donald being in power more than Hilary! (or is it two “l’s”?)


I think.  No, I do.  I…never mind.


**Remember I did write this one during the Vietnam war, while participating.

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Now That Election Time Is Here Again, Here Again

Let us pause and reflect upon Mr. Weiner.

I think, perhaps, we should memorialize him as the greatest of all politicos.  After all, he just came out and admitted it.  He’s a dick.  I mean…

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Political Systems

I was variously interrupted at EVERYTHING so one mildly sarcastic post meant to be somewhat humorous…my definition of political systems and their virtues.

Marxism:  the definition of social value by popularity (from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs, if I recall the sexism correctly).

Capitalism:  you’re valuable if you’re rich.  If not, you better be useful or you’re worthless.

Communism: value “TBD”.  [To Be Determined.]

Socialism: everyone is equal but it requires enormous, grinding mechanisms…involving some who are obviously much more valuable than others.  Maybe the valuable ones can make sense of it.

Democracy:  sidestep the whole issue by exclaiming about what a perfect system it is.

Monarchy:  buy lots of the emperor’s new clothes to go with the bottlecap spectacles.

Communalism:  get high and think about it.

Tea Party:  get drunk and think about it.

US Republicans: have a dinner, charge $100 a plate & wonder why no one’s buying when the dinner is hot dog pizza.  They still can’t convince the 49% that it’s steak–or that they should vote for the idiots who sneered at them.  Someone lost their party manifesto, so they replaced it with “It’s Obama’s fault!”

US Democrats–they’re charging $100 a plate for dinner, they’re positive it’s steak…but they forgot where the party was.

Christians–Sunday excuses all the other days, go away.

Buddhists:  Ummmmm….

***Some may object to classification of religion as a political system.



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Some Needed Changes

Something I want is a clearer understanding on the part of the public (not the deadheads supposedly representing us in Congress; I’ve made too many attempts) of what health care veterans nominally and normally get (the two are not the same).  I want the same requirements as for safe driving; urinalysis for voting presence.  Minimum presence requirements for Congress as a whole and for members.  Absolute requirements on laws that they be presented to the public for voting rather than imposed (as many have been).  That basically means there’s going to be another step before laws that haven’t been voted on going to the President–or they can go to the President and be approved–and damned well meet the approval of the voting public.  There should be full and complete reports available on every Congress person, backed by actual Background Investigations (those are not done by computer; what is currently being called a BI is a petty and pitiful excuse for skimming through relatively few computer files and stamping “approved” where before a President stepped in it was a detective investigation, involving questioning of friends, family, associates and business acquaintances and checking into things like local police records and bank accounts); the same for the President.  [That would be done during a voting process, not afterwards.  Doing so afterwards is a transparent attempt to seize power and has often been used in various countries to foment revolution.  Just as often, what has been found was entirely false.  My recollection and estimation at the time was about 80% on each.  [Yes, there were about a fifth of the cases where seizing power was the correct thing because of the way the election was run in the first place (a confirmation of power).  My studies started with 19th century politics, basically, because before that the countries in Europe were for instance even smaller than now due to the absence of quick land communication or travel.  Quick OR reliable, I should say; travel on land was quite perilous and pigeons were the fastest method of transferring information over a distance (now sit and think about that one for a long moment).  The cases that are currently justifiable in ‘civilized’ (First World? whatever disgusting phrase; we’re all humans, some are richer than others; I think anyone who used ‘Third World’ should be boiled in oil) democratic nations seem relatively rare.  And presidents (of various nations) get blamed for all sorts of things they could not possibly have done nor even for that matter known about.  It is not a good idea to upset established order with the approval of authority.  The logic happens to represent truth in this case.]  Congress people after they are in office? certainly.  In any situation where fraud can be involved it exists.  We need to solve the prison and prisoners situation.  A percentage of them are quite simply the same people who settled the West. And these are just the things I’ve been thinking about recently.  Another large percentage of the homeless and the ones made criminals, by the way, are veterans.  The police are very unhappy with people who don’t fit in because they don’t have protocols for them; they don’t fit in which means they are unpredictable.  That means that the officer has to use his own protocol as modified from the way he has been trained.  Now start looking at modern training and quit blaming individual policemen because this is too common to be ‘incidental’.  It goes from coast to coast and North to South.  And no, once again…the President just didn’t do it.  He’s not one of the boys in blue.  The Joint Chiefs issue orders that he never knows about except in worst-case situations.  I’ve kept hoping for a startling young Democrat firebrand to arise knowing all these sorts of things.

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It’s fascinating how many people believe in this stuff.


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MacIntosh vs. Windows…I mean, Obama and McCaine

First of all, I think whoever wins the election it will be a disaster.  The one thing the U.S. populace has shown over the years is an entire inability to adapt.  This has a lot to do with manipulated news media (“Yellow Journalism”–the name stemming from the short lifetime of the paper first used for papers like The National Enquirer–with us now and ever, with ever more faces), sure.  We’re also all sure it must be someone’s fault, just as long as it’s not our own.

I don’t buy Obama being born in Nigeria, and I didn’t buy stock from the Nigerian claiming to be his grandfather either.  McCaine isn’t a complete idiot and he is a Vietnam vet–and he tests out sane, which is better than I do (veteran of only that war).  Biden seems credible.  As far as Palin goes, I still can’t quite believe that she isn’t just a fraud–a joke, although that’s punishable by a heavy fine and possible imprisonment.

Both will make most decisions on the advice of officeholders.  The infrastructure holds the information.  And anger the infrastructure and you lose a lot of the control.  Give it up.  I mean, really.  One thing you can assume is that the first one who went to mud-slinging had the least to offer on his own in positive terms.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid some buck-toothed inbred will be unable to take it if Mr. Obama does make it to the presidency.  I’m also afraid of McCaine’s age, health and potential successor, because I wouldn’t want her running the neighborhood bar–personal opinion, mind.  I’m sure she’s very good at things.  Some things.  I just wouldn’t guess what, both from inability and fear of being labeled a sexist.  I would much rather see Paris Hilton as president, and that has absolutely nothing to do with anything but intelligence.

But each will bash the other.  The Republicans are blaming the Democrats, who are apparently in power (in the Oval Office, no less–the power behind the throne? the puppet master? Svengali?) for the financial mess, which was being predicted by anyone above retarded because of the loosening of controls on loans to non-existence on Greenspan’s instructions.  The Democrats, oddly enough, are saying a Republican was in office.  Odd idea, that.

And no matter who wins the election, it will be their fault and it should have been fixed yesterday.  Where would we be without edited news?   But I believe.  It’s the other guys’ fault.


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I Lied. Darwinian Evolution of Banking??

Since when?  It’s a Slate article to which I refer.  I’m in the process of reading the article.  “”The natural course of Darwinian banking has been interrupted by this plan,” a financial analyst said.”  I’m caught between laughter and outrage.  Darwin’s first note was that “natural” evolution basically requires an open as opposed to a closed environment.  Thus once a society has come into being, evolution is in terms of it.  We humans survive with respect to our immediate environment–our society.  That’s why the majority of us can’t survive without society.  It’s in the very first place quite literally unthinkable (just think of the countless comedy movies about the city-slickers trying to…fill in the blank), because we can’t manage to even express the ideas necessary for survival.  We don’t have the knowledge to cut down trees with a chainsaw let alone an axe.  A maul?  A splitting wedge??

My point?  Banks don’t evolve naturally.  That’s beyond a contradiction in terms.  And bear in mind the root word for the industry is actually usury and was morally impossible for Christians for a long time (per the pope) thus the slurs upon the Jews…and the Knights Templar.

One other thing.  Whisper this as you may, state ownership of “public enterprise”–business–is that “communist” thing that people have talked about for years.  The attempted division that political parties have attempted since the dawn of “yellow journalism” (sorry, guys, and technically that includes me) is mythical.  [Yellow journalism of course refers to the cheap paper that the first newspapers were printed on which aged rapidly and turned yellow in the process, and which was the biggest single teacher of reading in the {god, I hate the rabid racism implicit in the phrase} civilized world.

Happiness.  I won’t even address half the issues in the article, or I’d spend the rest of my day on it.  [I was the one who when forced to take history class toward my bachelor’s contributed so much in class the teacher decided it was utterly pointless for me to take a test.]

Bah.  Humbug.  Politics.  The best part about it (I checked, last time; really and for true, I did); the candidates have no obligation whatsoever to follow anything they say while on the campaign trail.  Free translation:  it’s a bunch of bullshit.


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Help on Prescription Medicines

This looks like the real thing:  here’s the ABC News story.  I suffer from epilepsy.  Bad epilepsy; I run out of drugs, and I die (although this is partially due to the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; if I’m not conscious and can’t control it…I have a bloody heart attack, which is what nearly got me last year).  If you don’t want to read the story, here is the direct link.  Right now, I have health care through my wife’s employer (and co-pays, but we won’t go into that).  I also have something pending with the VA that if successful will give me free medical coverage.

If I didn’t have coverage, my expenses would be at least $800 a month, and that link would be all that would keep me from dying.  It’s already marked as a safe site on the ‘Web of Trust’ that I keep mentioning.

…In light of recent political and economic events, I feel like Tiny Tim (paraphrasing):  “God help us, each and every one.”


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Is McCain Lying?

Is he a politician?


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