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I Lied. Darwinian Evolution of Banking??

Since when?  It’s a Slate article to which I refer.  I’m in the process of reading the article.  “”The natural course of Darwinian banking has been interrupted by this plan,” a financial analyst said.”  I’m caught between laughter and outrage.  Darwin’s first note was that “natural” evolution basically requires an open as opposed to a closed environment.  Thus once a society has come into being, evolution is in terms of it.  We humans survive with respect to our immediate environment–our society.  That’s why the majority of us can’t survive without society.  It’s in the very first place quite literally unthinkable (just think of the countless comedy movies about the city-slickers trying to…fill in the blank), because we can’t manage to even express the ideas necessary for survival.  We don’t have the knowledge to cut down trees with a chainsaw let alone an axe.  A maul?  A splitting wedge??

My point?  Banks don’t evolve naturally.  That’s beyond a contradiction in terms.  And bear in mind the root word for the industry is actually usury and was morally impossible for Christians for a long time (per the pope) thus the slurs upon the Jews…and the Knights Templar.

One other thing.  Whisper this as you may, state ownership of “public enterprise”–business–is that “communist” thing that people have talked about for years.  The attempted division that political parties have attempted since the dawn of “yellow journalism” (sorry, guys, and technically that includes me) is mythical.  [Yellow journalism of course refers to the cheap paper that the first newspapers were printed on which aged rapidly and turned yellow in the process, and which was the biggest single teacher of reading in the {god, I hate the rabid racism implicit in the phrase} civilized world.

Happiness.  I won’t even address half the issues in the article, or I’d spend the rest of my day on it.  [I was the one who when forced to take history class toward my bachelor’s contributed so much in class the teacher decided it was utterly pointless for me to take a test.]

Bah.  Humbug.  Politics.  The best part about it (I checked, last time; really and for true, I did); the candidates have no obligation whatsoever to follow anything they say while on the campaign trail.  Free translation:  it’s a bunch of bullshit.


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Help on Prescription Medicines

This looks like the real thing:  here’s the ABC News story.  I suffer from epilepsy.  Bad epilepsy; I run out of drugs, and I die (although this is partially due to the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; if I’m not conscious and can’t control it…I have a bloody heart attack, which is what nearly got me last year).  If you don’t want to read the story, here is the direct link.  Right now, I have health care through my wife’s employer (and co-pays, but we won’t go into that).  I also have something pending with the VA that if successful will give me free medical coverage.

If I didn’t have coverage, my expenses would be at least $800 a month, and that link would be all that would keep me from dying.  It’s already marked as a safe site on the ‘Web of Trust’ that I keep mentioning.

…In light of recent political and economic events, I feel like Tiny Tim (paraphrasing):  “God help us, each and every one.”


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Is McCain Lying?

Is he a politician?


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Oddly enough, in reading this I was reminded of nothing so much as the war currently on in Iraq.  I’ll to admit too that I probably muttered something like, “At least they had a stated goal, even if it was a filthy one and they should have been killed at birth.”  Did I mention I don’t like bullies?  Every time I think about the war in Iraq that’s what gets me; we’re causing indescribable suffering (because description doesn’t cover anything but a small fraction) for an apparently unstateable.  Unsayable, since the one I used hasn’t been coined yet, probably over the problem of spelling.  Oh, and one other thing about the similarity; George Bush is far too intellectually lazy to ever memorize a poem longer than a page, even one about himself.  Since he’s seemingly gone out of his way to prove that, I’m making that particular statement as one of fact.


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McCain, Obama, Town Hall Meetings

Okay.  So McCain is holding town meetings.  So?  Are you trying to tell me he’s not a politician, a power broker?  As of the end of the Nixon administration, there was an unofficial addendum that certain sorts of matters wouldn’t actually be detailed before the president because of possible or probable culpability.  In other words, tell the president and he can get blamed for knowing.


And that was the most pointless article I’ve read in many years.  It’s basically an article to fill space.  Every statement except that the two won’t be meeting in that venue is contradicted, practically.


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About the Current Financial Situation

This wasn’t exactly unforeseen.  More than merely WP reporters were dubious about Greenspan’s policies and more importantly the actual intent behind them.   What’s actually described in the New York Times is what I recall, which is something that interpreted otherwise could have been taken as a deliberate buildup to the current situation. 


I’m not saying this has occurred or is even likely.  What I’ve spent the last five hours deliberating is simply this:  how does this affect the current balance of power, particularly with the three major new players on deck?  (This was defined thirty years ago as China, India and Pakistan.  A change is arguable.)


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