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Californians and Oregonians

About Oregonians and Californians, this isn’t something new.  Although a lot of Southern Oregon business comes from people from California, we grit our teeth when we see their license plates (except the transplants, I suppose; do they eventually copy us, once their license plates change? mind you, they’ll keep the BMW that they drive like an aging Ford five-cylinder and still wonder vaguely what turn signals, stop signs, caution signals, pedestrian crossings, yield signs and train signals (this last is a self-correcting error, thankfully, but expensive on the trains and tracks)…mean.  Do they keep their license plates once they’re here as a flag of their determination to drive with highway tactics on two-lane streets?  Or is it perhaps to warn of their illiteracy, combined with an apparent incurable stupidity?

Do you know what is more scary than having someone with a California license plate behind you?

It’s having someone with California license plates driving a full-size SUV behind you.

I’ve seen one tailgate a car all the way through a line of traffic…then, when the car pulled onto the slower lane (while still going over the speed limit)…the Californian in the Ford…Excursion?…followed him at something like six feet right into the slow lane.

By the way, they just love moving here, to Southern Oregon.  That’s the cause of the housing bubble.

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