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Politicians LOVE Power

About Politics

This is going to be fairly simple.  I just went into a fairly long piece about ISIS that I may even publish here sometime but it wasn’t to the point.

A while ago I said that politicians want power.  Actually, that’s not true of most.  They want to further a point of view; they’re evangelists of one sort or another, except nearly all worship some sort of ideal.  At least the average politician also wants to be famous.

From what I’ve observed most of the ones who are corrupt become corrupted.  They can’t resist that hundredth bribe or that thousandth.  They take the house renovation.

The actual rule of politics is expediency.  The other name for expediency is rationality.  If you insist on going only your way not everyone will cooperate and things don’t get done.  “You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t” because if you don’t cooperate (and allow Joe’s rider on your bill, or promise assistance once that’s illegal–and you do have to do it) then they won’t.

Government and morality cannot fit in the same bed.  A “justice system” and justice are not bedmates either.  The Justinian Code is essentially following precedents.  If a judge decided a similar matter before you are required to take that into account, or at least cite it, essentially (that’s extremely simplistic, since there are varying views and corresponding rules on about anything you could imagine).  A judge doesn’t quote the Bible; it’s inadmissible.  Laws are admissible.  Evidence is (if it meets the rules of evidence…).

So, no saying that politicians want power is basically a joke.  That doesn’t mean I’ll quit saying it.  You’ll notice I haven’t said a thing about the military or associated agencies.  Maybe some other time or life.

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Powerpoint/MS Outlook

Can be a virus attached…here’s the link to someone who recently got hit.


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Office Suite

….for $11.95.  Now that 602Suite is gone into the realms of never-never land, there’s Opal Office.  I do have the 602Suite, which I’m fairly satisfied with.  AbiWord, by the way, is the word processor from GNOME, which is the office suite for the linux dists.


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Conversions to and from PDF

Avanquest is a reliable vendor.  They stand behind their products.  If you need the conversions (this will convert file types and also merge them), that’s the link to use and this is the code to use: GETEXP5.  I was invited to share this, so here you go.  For some offices that have to use both Adobe and Office type documents this would be invaluable.  Without the savings $39.95, with $29.95.


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