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I’ve Discovered I’m Racially Prejudiced!

…I can’t stand whatever races which include Kim Kardashian (or whatever her real name is) and Justine Biebers (or whatever his? real name is).

OMG I’ve just been informed I’m of the same race!!

Oh, hell, I’m prejudiced against myself again.  How can I stone myself?  (No, not that.  Good grief.)  I mean, throwing rocks from a distance at oneself will take a bit of figuring.  If you have any suggestions let me know…

You really thought the misspelling was a mistake?

I wish I hadn’t found this image, it will haunt me all night.

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This is for Frank Schwab;


I grew up with and live in a valley which consists mostly of heavily prejudiced people.  First of all, you have to understand the underlying dynamic of racism, sexism and other sorts of discrimination; people feel threatened.  You can add that with the “black man” the Englishman’s prejudice began instantly–the earliest references were to subhumans which looked remarkably like humans.  I remember that so vividly because as a white child I wanted to kill the author.  But no matter. 


When I say they feel threatened, they have to feel superior to.  That’s half a rich man’s dynamic, after all.  Part of that (we’ll ignored all of the stuff I just implied, and yeah I meant it) means that you have to hold with “the guys” or naturally you’re on the other side.


So, Frank, to them you’re worse than usual, I should add.  You’re a traitor to the party.  Can you guess my attitude toward prejudice, or must I spell it out again?

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From the Smoking Gun…

How to Rob Successfully.”  They actually downloaded and printed this from the internet and apparently tried to follow the instructions.  They should have been bankers on Wall Street.


Here is the link to the original…

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Interesting when prejudice…makes it obvious that

the one prejudiced…should be the one prejudiced against.  “Inbread.”  Indeed.


(This related to something about an “Oniontown” video.  Although having an income below a certain level is criminal in this country, making fun of people who don’t have income isn’t good.  It often comes full circle, too.  This county used to be something that those kids would have traveled around in wonder…until a hillybilly kid, firearm and test hole all met up.)

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