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Click-jacking and Adobe

Adobe’s released an advisory on how to fix the problem.  I suggest any reader go here first.  Here is some more information on it.  Basically, the whole thing is a vulnerability that would allow you…to allow anyone…access to your camera and microphone, at least.   I went to the Adobe site and followed the advice, even though I don’t have a camera or mike hooked up to my computer.  Anything you can do to protect yourself is strongly indicated.


P.S.  Bear in mind with the current economic situation that rogue programmers will have even more of an incentive.  Really watch the social engineering tactics; they will rise, in my opinion.  (I don’t generally use ‘newspeak’ [Aldous Huxley] as in IMHO.)


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Those Danged Researchers At It Again…

publishing details on the Mifare Classic chip.  How to crack it, that is.  These are the guys that went free on the London transit system.  NXP which used to be Philips Semiconductors is suing to stop them.  This is fairly ludicrous.  Hardware proof-of-concepts* are absolutely defensible, because hardware encryption unless one-time will be cracked.  (*proof-of-concept:  you give the gory details of how to)


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