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About Printers

Please read the article first. Now then; I have an HP Laserjet MFP M28-M31. It’s a monochrome (black and white) laser printer. Color printers are much more complicated and thus much more prone to error. Unfortunately, inkjet printers still do tend to dry up their cartridges if under-used; at one time I used to have a backup color inkjet and there was a fundamental problem with the concept. This printer is fast (at printing), quiet, and holds a fairly good amount of paper, something like 50 sheets. That’s actually good, because the more paper can be stored for input, the more prone the paper is to ‘misbehave’, from any number of reasons. It’s a bit slow at scanning but has excellent output (which is, yes, color; it just can’t print color).

Never buy top-end and never buy bottom-end (speaking of pricing) computers or accessories. The top-end ones cost more than they’re worth. The bottom-end ones are worthless. Canon and HP in my experience are very reliable. Dell is a step below. Epson is of inconsistent quality.

PC Magazine is the best source I know of for hardware critiques (and software, for that matter).

And to the writer of that article I have one thing to say. “Idiot.”

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