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This is for Frank Schwab;


I grew up with and live in a valley which consists mostly of heavily prejudiced people.  First of all, you have to understand the underlying dynamic of racism, sexism and other sorts of discrimination; people feel threatened.  You can add that with the “black man” the Englishman’s prejudice began instantly–the earliest references were to subhumans which looked remarkably like humans.  I remember that so vividly because as a white child I wanted to kill the author.  But no matter. 


When I say they feel threatened, they have to feel superior to.  That’s half a rich man’s dynamic, after all.  Part of that (we’ll ignored all of the stuff I just implied, and yeah I meant it) means that you have to hold with “the guys” or naturally you’re on the other side.


So, Frank, to them you’re worse than usual, I should add.  You’re a traitor to the party.  Can you guess my attitude toward prejudice, or must I spell it out again?

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