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Secunia: Tests of Badware Protection Suites

I in particular have suggested that Threatfire, RUBotted (RU botted? as in, which is NewSpeak), and at least one or the other of WOT (Web of Trust)/Haute Secure–as well as an anti-virus application be used, along with Secunia’s free update-checker…at least.  Here is at least somewhat of a validation.  If you could, I’d suggest using more than one AV program or suite, but don’t try it because they’ll conflict, each detecting the other’s actions, with the first-installed usually coming out the winner.

I’d suggest that if you buy an anti-virus suite you use the free programs noted above.  The answer to “Why?” is in the “here” link above, to the comment by Secunia.  FileHippo, by the way, is a very poor second to checking updates on programs.


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An excellent protection against being a bot (okay, it’s your computer that becomes one) is Trend Micro’s free Ru-Botted tool.  I’ve forgotten frankly when I first became acquainted with the company, but they are excellent.  The underline under “bot” really is a link.  It’s easy to use, and comes highly recommended from several sources.


(It looks like I recommended it before.  Senile dementia, here I come.)

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Pay Pal’s Security Questioned, Yet Again

This time it’s demonstrably, as you can see here, although as the article is careful to point out the weakness hasn’t been successfully used as yet.  (Then again, over the years there have been at least 50 eBay stories I’ve happened upon that somehow never hit the major press.)


I’m also going to correct something I said recently.  Spybot S & D evidently no longer measures up, as shown by some recent reputable reviews.   If you use ZoneAlarm and AVG you’re pretty well covered; I’m actually using RuBotted to cover for rootkits (note this is a beta and not for the faint of heart) and then a suite.



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