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Have you ever noticed that when someone goes on television to tell us to tighten their belts you know for sure they don’t have to do it?

If the Brits are so great how come they have to have directions for dressing?

Before you make absolutely sure you have the most beautiful teapot in the world, it might be wise to ensure it doesn’t leak.  However, I doubt Microsoft or Apple can ever learn that.

I’m just as disturbed as John Brunner was by the constant misuse of the name Art.  Personally, I’ve just gone back to calling him Arthur.

Nothing can prove causation, either in a single instance or as an operative concept.  It looks fairly likely.  Levels of causation cube the uncertainty factor.  Predictivity based on the model is poor except in mechanical applications.

There is a necessary factor of uncertainty, or error, in any representation of anything.  This is due to the fact that the one doing the representing has to decide what’s important.  Generally she doesn’t bother to take notes on the unimportant stuff.  The one who (poorly) explained what’s important, having had that explained to him by the boss, who nearly listened while the boss of the guy who had the person decide to have someone else do the actual study to determine what’s important…having had the assignment of definition handed to him by someone who had the need explained by a server-side-oriented-consultant…will be the one who’s expected to handle the data for a project which probably never is explained until it’s already underway.  I don’t understand why most people say I have a dour outlook on life.  Maybe it’s because I use Outlook.

It’s been proven as far as it can be that being constipated gives you a shitty outlook on life.  So using Microsoft Office…?

Offhand=someone who’s right-handed trying to masturbate with his left.  Then again, I had someone trying to convince me it stood for military intelligence.

If there was a society that had an observable tendency to increase in population and the society generally tried to defend the tendency in a variety of forms of languages, that could be taken as an indication that there was a disaster a long time ago.  The disaster would probably have come fairly close to wiping out the society, and there would probably be a fairly high childhood mortality rate as it began recovering from it.  Among other things, that society (as it survived) would probably be fairly aggressive.  [In all gamed situations, the first to adopt aggressive tactics AND the best at their tactics wins.  I would assume there are other possible situations.]  Both the aggression and the need to increase population would be at a level where it would be difficult for the individual to manipulate their own feelings.  Basic feelings which form the underpinnings of a society are not easily manipulable by experiential language, and language which sacrifices accuracy for the sake of consistency becomes a statement of religious belief and practice.*

Language first of all presents a set of protocols for described situations.  Secondly, it presents a set of valorizational statements which defend the protocols.  Thirdly, it attempts to thus present a framework of positive and negative motivation, as well as statements as to the “good” of the ruling structure.  There is no possible statement of value which is not relativistically based.

*Restated, that’s something like this.  We’re horny little bastards, but it looks like it’s not instinct.  It’s memories in the forms of values we hardly know how to say.  Most likely, the human race just about got wiped out by a glacial age that came on suddenly, and then there was global warming that occurred suddenly and drastically (it looks right now) about 50,000 years ago.  There was a lot of disease and there was a lot of incest.  More than that, population expanded faster than arable land or easy prey did.  The catastrophe had wiped out the knowledge the human race had except for language and especially chants.

I have never attempted to make any statements about Cro-Magnon humans and their appearance, other than that all transitional skeletal elements thus far are either fakes or vast stretches.



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current footnotes

From a real authority…eh, Samwise Davies.


The definition of information has more to do with the receiver than the sender.

Murphy’s Law is the result of trying to make absolute rules in a relative world.  It may take a long time, but eventually the impossible will happen.

It’s hard to change.  Here you knew all the rules and ways to react, and suddenly they changed.  There  wasn’t even any warning.  It isn’t fair.  Life isn’t fair.

No value is intrinsic. 

If it’s too good to be true, figure it is.  If they want something, even your name, it’s a rip-off.

I wonder how God felt when He found out that Christians had decided he couldn’t use evolution.

A politician is someone who promises things too good to be true and wants something.

Recently the census showed that over half of Americans lived in the cities.  To put that another way, over half can’t survive outside the city, without the city and its services.

The most common mistake we as humans make is thinking that if it’s this way now, it must have been this way forever.  Well, at least for a really long time.  Like hundreds of years, even.  The problem there is that even hundreds of years isn’t actually a long time, for a lot of things.  I bet the trees around the Rogue Valley have never even noticed I’m here, much less the hills.

The minute the way you say something is more important than what you’ve got to say, you’ve got trouble.  That’s usually the way it is.

There are no teachers, there are only learners.  What is called a good teacher these days is someone who doesn’t step on anyone’s toes, first of all.  All their students pass, and they don’t have sex with the students; it’s probably best if they’re really ugly.  As far as learning anything that’s useful outside of places like schools except for jobs guaranteed to keep the worker poor, it seems like no one has figured that one out yet.

If you say any of this stuff is deliberate, you’re paranoid.  Being crazy is different in just one way from being a criminal.  If you’re crazy they don’t have to let you out.  I’ll have to admit I’m not sure how you know when you’re out.

The minute a name for something is more important than what it is, you’ve got real trouble, and that’s always the way it is.

When scientists start talking about proof, you know they’re true believers.

People who watch ads on television are a little odd.  The ones who enjoy them could be dangerous.  If someone around you starts believing them, it’s probably too late, but run!

The presence of a repetitive pattern may be verifiable.  Its interpretation–its meaning–isn’t.

If you can’t find a goal in life, make that your goal in life.

Numbers are hard to eat.

It’s generally easier to look good than to be good, so the hell with it; buy it.

Rich people need poor people around.  For one thing, how else would they know they’re rich?

This evidently will come as a surprise to most drivers, but traffic signals and stop signs are not suggestions.

Oddly enough, the stuff printed on boxes and books that come with the things you buy aren’t suggestions either.  That’s why the label says “Instructions”.

I was thinking about “democracy” the other day.  Boy, am I glad I live in one.  See, either it’s crooked, or else every four or eight years, someone with absolutely no experience gets to make all sorts of decisions that affect the whole world.  Why, he [so far it’s all “he”, ladies, which might be something to celebrate] could even start the next world war, on a whim.  How exciting!  Maybe it’s a good thing the electoral college actually does the voting that counts.

In order to convey “information”, language has its own patterns.  There is an ongoing “narcissus” problem.  Best of all, it’s not easy to be sure what you’re feeling is what the other guy is feeling.

Part of the reason society exists is to provide a platform for communication–identity.  History suggests humans will sell nearly anything for identity.

Authority has nothing to do with credibility.

Lust and love make uneasy bedmates.

Okay, so I’ve got the map, but what do I want to do?

If all my natural instincts are wrong, what am I supposed to want?  And this “Heaven” bit sounds more like hell to me, frankly; sort of like a church service that never ends.

Somehow it’s a little worse when it goes from “You have to keep up with the Joneses” to “You have to keep up with the <mumble>”, because no one can pronounce their name.  It’s like we not only can’t find the right track at the train station, we wouldn’t know what to do with it if we found the station.

One of the few guaranteed things in life is this; if something is obviously right, in fact inarguable–it’s wrong.

The first step to changing where you are…is finding out where you are.

All betrayal is of the self.  So when we accuse someone of betrayal, what we’re really saying is, “You should have told yourself [insert belief] and that would have made you a true believer.  Now you’re only a betrayer.”  And that means in turn that such an accusal is foolish.


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