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Interesting new hacking fraud

This one is in South Africa, and involves cyberfraud and the government.  I’ve actually been arguing for a while that the old dumb terminal/mainframe scheme makes sense in a lot of situations.  It would allow for mass filters.  Mind you, it would also allow extensive data-mining techniques…but that’s more a matter of visibility than actuality.  And more people would be in on it.

Anyway, what they did–“they” being a varied group of people, including those inside the government–was stick ‘a piece of kit’ (that’s a Britishism I remember as generic) about the size of a memory stick on PCs and then capture data.  Spyware and adware are mentioned, so there would presumably be some actual software invasion involved rather than the capture of data from a port. 

Oh–the take mentioned, in USD, is nearly $25 million.


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