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Sounds and Silences

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear, is there a sound?”


The tree.

All deathcries are but one, and all are somehow heard.

Many more hear than merely humans, and few humans hear.

I should think the forest hears, for it is a being made of trees.

What is a sound?




If we do not name a thing, does it exist?  That is (to my ignorant mind) the meaning of the first question.

Can you describe a being whose sole orientation is task-oriented, which means a general inability to perceive the future and thus results of immediate tasks, which means results up to and including that being’s own demise–as intelligent?


That is far too wordy to be zen [but then, you see, I lack the words, which is why I have been so long silent, I was going to die in silence] but the attitude is precisely zen.


In pursuing ourselves we have forgotten our selves, and most will not be able to understand that.  I read long and involved arguments about how thought cannot occur without language, without words, without, that is, the net of values, concepts, precepts and protocols which is our society.  An implication which is as much pr0ven as is possible to be is that then that which can’t be expressed can’t exist (which has lead to things like conducting someone with the wrong notions off to the mental ward, to be let out when in the opinion of [someone] the patient is not a danger to himself or society [yes, last I checked the specification was that sexist], which means that one might just not ever be led out again.  It means that those naked African savages on the riverside are subhuman (that was a British expedition), that those of a different belief should often be killed (should I bother enumerating? Coptic Christians are one of my favorites, as an absolutely unforgivable example of atrocity).  If thought cannot occur without language completely new theories tend to be hard to come by especially since a great deal of it, unless it’s mathematical, involves finding the fucking words for it.  I have a volume of poetry written forty years ago to prove that, by the way, should anyone be interested.  The whole volume is about a theory of philosophy, theory because it’s backed by research (mainly historical; if there were research of other sorts involved in realtime it would be massive, unethical and absolutely impossible by any known, named or stated means*).  It’s about how society forms, changes and dies (Dhalgren did have a massive, perhaps too massive an affect on it).  It’s about mini-societies that are its basis.  The problem is that I could only do that by violating all the rules I knew of English, essentially.  I became ‘i’ because English is the only language to capitalize the personal pronoun.  That’s the very basic start.

Unfortunately, “no one reads poetry” and things that are just exactly as they’re stated are missed because of our society and its assumptions.  I can get them published one by one, and I’m starting work on it.  The few I published at the end of the 70s apparently actually had some effect.  It would have been under another name and security forbids me to state it except in reply to a contact established by a comment or through Twitter or perhaps Facebook although I understand I’m a trifle hard to find there.  LinkdIn or whatever is worthless for contacting me.  oregonnerd at gmail dot com works too, since I’m bad at keeping up on anything other than that and Twitter.  Where I would once have given away the volume of Voices, I’m actually separating the ms. right now and preparing it for publication.  I have notionally started, once I actually do, which is going to be this week, I’ll just do it, making each poem into its own separate file in a folder to avoid duplication.  I initially stopped publishing because I thought I saw an effect on  my poetry, which no longer is relevant.

[Truly gory signs of internal bleeding are a real memento mori–the results of the necessary overdose on anti-seizure medications, Leveteracetem, Carbamazepine, Divalproex…1500 mg, 800 mg, 4000 mg (with extreme amounts of acetaminophen for any excuse you might want to use).  Daily, split amounts into two for that.  4000 mg=4 gm.

Then there’s the EDS and the likelihood of a blood vessel popping.  I tend to have very low blood pressure but rather high cholestorol.  I also have varicose veins from my braces, sort of a sign of the same thing; it has to do with the elasticity of the blood vessels.  Even I can get squeamish occasionally.  So I’m going to start trying to spurt out a theory that doesn’t even fit into the conventional mode.


The true beginning is undoubtedly that a two-valued logic is visibly intrinsically false.  We now have actual ‘proof’ [anything can be faked, see Lucy] that this takes place in the animal world, with the bird attacking the bear and succeeding with its bluff.  Generally the third choice historically is “submit” and it’s visibly a common option in the animal world; the animal rolls on its back presenting its belly.  I have seen this inter-species in domesticated ‘animals’.  However, even my view of language differs from the norm considerably from what I can gather.  That is for another time.



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The Courtroom Oath

I have sworn more than once to tell “the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth…”  Gaud, Gode, Goode and a host of others were to assort me as I recall.

My true reply is as follows.

“Our personal perspective is formed through values and concepts.  This command [to tell the TRUTH] assumes all of them can be expressed in terms of words, and that simply isn’t so.  You know it isn’t; you’ve known it since you were a child, before you knew words.

“I cannot begin to approach saying what I perceive and feel each moment, nor can you.  To pretend to do so is itself a lie, and most of all to oneself–and leads only to being shackled by illusions.

“Nor can I set bounds around it.  I believe everything and nothing at all; I was trained to do so.  And belief must I think be the first defining characteristic of that very complex thing you would term simply truth.

“Do not at least as yet charge me with contempt, Your Honor.  I have spent my entire life, you see, in search of just that: Truth.

“And the closest I can come is…silence.‟

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That’s what I’m going to be playing with for a while.  So I may or may not make more posts today.  I’m getting more and more stories about people seeing the same thing I do, that a ‘virtual’ mainframe/dumb terminal setup is once again the way to go.  That way the people-side device doesn’t have to have a lot of brains, you just want to be able to get to your data and modify it onsite if need be (modification includes movement).  I’m looking at a [fairly old] TechCrunch posting and some names and thinking of a couple of things I know about, so this seems worth the time.  Stand by, too; it will probably mean a much longer post than usual.


But for now…

a blessed silence


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A Relatively Silent Day

My poor stepdaughter (tired and unuseful as the word/concept is) is in the throes of leaving, or trying to leave this tiny valley.  [Rogue Valley–Medford, Oregon]  She needs to return to California…and has nowhere to go.  So we’ve spent our energies helping her store her stuff and trying to console her.  Helps a lot that I won’t be able to drive for a couple of months, not that I’m protesting that.  At least I actually am off probation for being epileptic.  Pity I can’t think of more to celebrate.


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