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I just want to mention this today because Quora is a good example of what we can have within a couple of years because of the Internet.  Right now that is a kind of knowledge ‘club’ where the most popular answers are ‘true’.  The apparent intended actual currency is wisdom.

The question here is of peer review and of correct sourcing.

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About “Social Networking” (Netwise) and its dangers

Please read this.  Nope, I don’t use the sites (except this and LiveJournal, at which I am surprisingly enough the same username).  Remember the Koobface virus that’s making the rounds.  And be careful.


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The one way in which “Web 2.0” is truly a valid concept to mind is this; we’re on the way for the first time to constructing a group artifact that we could call reality.  I don’t think we can capitalize it yet.  The next thing is to learn how to forget some things we don’t even remember learning–like (oddly enough) “the group is always right!”  At least, though, we did make it somewhere to where programmers were no longer the shrouded and coiffed keepers of The Holy Grail.  It even turned out they had dandruff.  Of course, it’s now that we’re trying to deal with our need for authority.  [That’s why we keep putting off the adaptability bit for another day.]


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Facebook and Social Networking

I’m going to vary a bit from the fellow in this article in just one thing.  Facebook is social networking.  Social networking is the act of forming a social network.  That latter definition was modified when it was realized that a religion was classifiable as a social network.  A social network is a group over a hundred people.  The term was coined in the 1950’s and originally meant 100-150 people.  Essentially, you share beliefs or practices with enough others to classify as a social network.


Web 2.0 means the internet has become a social network.  This means that we have the concept of social networking suddenly embracing a bunch of executives (brain)storming with each other included.  Facebook is not a social network; at best it’s a tool toward it.


It’s also a commercial enterprise that makes money, which is why it exists.  Our great tool for social interaction thus far is a great tool for spending money.  The knowledge on it is disorganized at best; we have so many acronyms there are various dictionaries for them.  Read the first article I linked to, please.


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Today’s Pursuits

The first was in direct response to my wife’s plea to me to get her old computer hooked back up.  I think a lot of it has to do with her being fond of it somehow.  I bought it as a cheap Internet access for her, frankly, with obvious possibilities for playing conventional games and watching DVDs.  I left it up to her to buy a decent sound system.  I may be moving this over to the stereo system, but today’s brief experiment just wasn’t encouraging.  I connected everything more or less properly (I may have forgotten that brief bow to the east, accompanied by the muttered phrase “Fuck you very much” while extending the middle finger of the left hand in the direction of the sky; this is very important, to anyone new to installing or maintaining computer systems).  It once again decided it needed to “check the hard disk”.  I think that’s the verbiage.  That, or something equally informative.  It seemed to take forever (my computer bought at the same time had/has a 2 gig cpu).  Got stuff connected, including the tablet/pen and the combo wireless keyboard/mouse software installed.  And it just couldn’t quite seem to find a wireless network within reach.  It might have of course have been the wrong password.  Except I verified that on the keyboard sitting next to me.   Did I forget to mention that?  we started with the horrendous distance of about six inches and ended at about as close as you could get.  After which I gave up and plugged the fucking thing into the modem router and after which it seemed to give a nearly-feminine sigh of exasperation and acknowledge that well, if it was hard-wired there really couldn’t be any reception problems.  You son of a bitch.  Or something like that.


Right now I’m realizing the sorts of things that I want to do with it like install a completely different OS like Linux.  Hope I can do some sort of a transfer of info because it really looks like the hard drive on that computer is bad, and even MS has certified the copy as valid.  For the little that means.  I’d forgotten that allowing her computer to go into standby means that it crashes and goes through the disk verify routine, if I now remember correctly.  What will happen eventually is a kind of data networking that is (not easily) mobile.  This also keeps my mind off pain and the kind of insanity that will probably be involved in the claim for PTSD and their investigation.  Keep in mind that at least notionally a lot of those things could never possibly have happened.  The things, that is, that contributed to my lack of reason, my occasional tendency to destroy things including attempting to destroy myself. 


I do go on, don’t I?  This was originally quite a while ago, and I’m just leaving it.  Might as well whine once in a while.


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