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Political Systems

I was variously interrupted at EVERYTHING so one mildly sarcastic post meant to be somewhat humorous…my definition of political systems and their virtues.

Marxism:  the definition of social value by popularity (from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs, if I recall the sexism correctly).

Capitalism:  you’re valuable if you’re rich.  If not, you better be useful or you’re worthless.

Communism: value “TBD”.  [To Be Determined.]

Socialism: everyone is equal but it requires enormous, grinding mechanisms…involving some who are obviously much more valuable than others.  Maybe the valuable ones can make sense of it.

Democracy:  sidestep the whole issue by exclaiming about what a perfect system it is.

Monarchy:  buy lots of the emperor’s new clothes to go with the bottlecap spectacles.

Communalism:  get high and think about it.

Tea Party:  get drunk and think about it.

US Republicans: have a dinner, charge $100 a plate & wonder why no one’s buying when the dinner is hot dog pizza.  They still can’t convince the 49% that it’s steak–or that they should vote for the idiots who sneered at them.  Someone lost their party manifesto, so they replaced it with “It’s Obama’s fault!”

US Democrats–they’re charging $100 a plate for dinner, they’re positive it’s steak…but they forgot where the party was.

Christians–Sunday excuses all the other days, go away.

Buddhists:  Ummmmm….

***Some may object to classification of religion as a political system.



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