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Unusual for me, but…

Here’s a whole page of untested stuff.  It looks at a glance to be freeware.  I was looking for unfamiliar word processors (I may or may not tell the story on that, particularly since I’m lazy at the moment), office suites and the like.  Office sweeties.  Whatever.  I try to offend as many as possible, as often as possible–including myself.  It’s hard when I won’t talk to myself, though.


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Something Cool For the Notebook Types

Portable Applications which I’m not going to cover in any depth.  Things like Notepad ++ don’t necessarily show up in registry.  Seems like that’s a bad example after all, going on memory; the fractal progs I have, like Tierazon (it’s freeware but you have to pay now to go to the author’s site, so I can’t help you getting it) which are not registered in the registry, for sure; anyway, stuff that can run without an install/reboot.  Just as a general statement.  Stuff that can run without administrative privileges.  Legal stuff.  What you use it for is your business not mine.


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A lot of people don’t know about these folks.  They’ve been in the industry a long time, they’re extremely reliable, and they’ll pretty much beat anyone local on prices, no matter where you are.  I should also mention that “OEM” does mean a legitimate copy of software shipped with hardware, which means you can get some very inexpensive legitimate Microsoft software from these guys.  I’ve only dealt with them since sometime in the late 80s as I recall.


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Free Software: Greenprint World 1.1

If you’re like I am, and have occasionally printed a web page or something else that just barely spills over onto the next, this should help.  There doesn’t appear to have been a formal CNET rating as yet.  I’ve downloaded it because it would actually be a tool I need, and I’m just getting over my downloading addiction.  One thing this will do if it works as advertised is take out the images that make me want to tear out my little remaining hair when I’m running low on ink and want to print a page for something like notes.


Hopefully I’ll remember to keep updates on this.  CNET is the place (okay, one of the places) to check for free downloads, but particularly for free trials. Tucows is on the other hand primarily try-out software.  Ziff Davis has a whole cluster of sites; PC Mag would be worthwhile for a year just for the free software (that you can only get with a subscription now).   That said, don’t overdo it.  Don’t install something unless you have a reason for it, and remember that a lot of stuff can be done on the net now that used to be done on the PC, which will be a continuing trend.


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