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The Fantastic Flash Sale at Corsair…has nothing to do with Corsair.  The prices aren’t even truly unbelievable.  But they are fake.


By the way, don’t unsubscribe from spam.  Use your mail provider; that’s why it’s there.  When you unsubscribe they sell the e-mail.

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people are still falling for this??

rosa to themoores828
show details Aug 26 (2 days ago) Reply

It`s rosa again. Will you ever contact me?
I made those nude pictures especially for you and I wont write to you again!
If you wanna see them just drop me a line at:

—If you write whoever it is at the other end of this you are truly stupid and it’s your fault.  Sorry.  (rosa whatever, I mean)


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The odd Dada-esque spam that occasionally slips through…

is highlighted here; rather interesting, although in all probability stopping this would stop legitimate e-mail as well.


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a pingback

from “Giant Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting”, ~jailblogs~, and I was blathering on about reality.  Now, why in the world would I consider that absolutely spam?  Why?  It must be my innate cruelty, and lack of respect for complete idiots with quirky fetishes.  I presume.  For some odd reason, I thought that visiting the bloody site would have shown remarkable bad sense.  While that’s characteristic of me, I lack energy for it today.


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On Good And Evil

The article was on spam (and suchlike; more focussed, to my undiscerning eye, on annoyances than on “actual” crime).  I think my comment (assuming it’s left) is germane:  it was third.  The judgement of good and evil is a bit more chancy than the determination of cause.  “It’s all in the eye”, so to speak.


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spam and unsubscribing

In a word, don’t click on the unsubscribe link, visit a web page, or do anything else.  Delete it.  This guy gets about…44,000 spams a day.  Heh, heh.  Sorry.  I know I should have sympathy, and I will.  Tomorrow.


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