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people are still falling for this??

rosa to themoores828
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It`s rosa again. Will you ever contact me?
I made those nude pictures especially for you and I wont write to you again!
If you wanna see them just drop me a line at:

—If you write whoever it is at the other end of this you are truly stupid and it’s your fault.  Sorry.  (rosa whatever, I mean)


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The odd Dada-esque spam that occasionally slips through…

is highlighted here; rather interesting, although in all probability stopping this would stop legitimate e-mail as well.


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a pingback

from “Giant Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting”, ~jailblogs~, and I was blathering on about reality.  Now, why in the world would I consider that absolutely spam?  Why?  It must be my innate cruelty, and lack of respect for complete idiots with quirky fetishes.  I presume.  For some odd reason, I thought that visiting the bloody site would have shown remarkable bad sense.  While that’s characteristic of me, I lack energy for it today.


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On Good And Evil

The article was on spam (and suchlike; more focussed, to my undiscerning eye, on annoyances than on “actual” crime).  I think my comment (assuming it’s left) is germane:  it was third.  The judgement of good and evil is a bit more chancy than the determination of cause.  “It’s all in the eye”, so to speak.


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spam and unsubscribing

In a word, don’t click on the unsubscribe link, visit a web page, or do anything else.  Delete it.  This guy gets about…44,000 spams a day.  Heh, heh.  Sorry.  I know I should have sympathy, and I will.  Tomorrow.


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