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Old Note

0811 2018

It’s difficult for me to understand a lot of things having to do with humans, their values (and especially matters of faith, how they are named and how they are celebrated–both good and evil, yes).

The knowledge we’ve been taught is in fact a reflection of a societal interpretation of “reality”, which is actually far from what is actually experienced.  We forget things, especially when in the midst of trauma. There is also the modern world. From what I can see, over half–probably three quarters–of the information on the internet varies from unreliable to deliberately attempting to win other people over for their purposes. Nearly everyone alive in the U.S. lives in the city modernly.  (As I recall less than 5%, from the 1990 census.) That means that the only environment for which they’re prepared is the city.  The more rural types don’t rely as much on place names as do the city-dwellers; paths are not cut through the land.  Prime evil is couched in the terms of “threat to the state”, as I recall.

–another old note

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A Relatively Silent Day

My poor stepdaughter (tired and unuseful as the word/concept is) is in the throes of leaving, or trying to leave this tiny valley.  [Rogue Valley–Medford, Oregon]  She needs to return to California…and has nowhere to go.  So we’ve spent our energies helping her store her stuff and trying to console her.  Helps a lot that I won’t be able to drive for a couple of months, not that I’m protesting that.  At least I actually am off probation for being epileptic.  Pity I can’t think of more to celebrate.


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ACRONYMS (or acronumbs)

Every felt like there are a few too many cool little new “words”?  I actually grew up with them, because I was a military dependent.  Apparently the main origin of the acronym is simply situations in which there’s a need for real-time communication.  To boil it down, battle.  “WTF?” on a teletype is a lot faster than typing WHAT IS GOING ON or whatever (teletypes are caps, by the way).


When it gets to the point that there are a lot of identical acronyms (they come out with the same word from different origins), there is potential trouble.  I mean, if it’s a specific usage kind of thing (GMT is differentiated enough that I doubt there’s much misunderstanding between specification of a time zone and something that keeps track of it, and a really bad example) you’re probably okay.  Given time, dedication, concentration and utter stupidity, you can come out with something like…SPOT.

Earth Observation Satellite; PanAmSat Corporation (Pan American Satellite), SPOT satellite image file [bitmap graphics], Satellite Positioning and Tracking, Scientific Programmer’s Object Toolkit, Secure Payment For Online Transactions, Self Protection Option Tool, Sim Pon Obsessed Teens, Single Payment Option Trading, Single Point of Truth, Skillsets Priorities Objectives And Time, Smart Personal Object Technologies, Smart Personal Object Technology, Special Peinture Orange  TTnTrT, Stanford Pre Orientation  Trips.  The attribution here is non-specifically to, although some other resources were used as well.  The list isn’t exhaustive.


By the way, I was looking for a definition from this an article from Techdirt (I can reference the current one, but not the one it referenced, and…well, I’m lazy.  Stupid.  That sort of thing.).  I’m pretty sure it would have been the Smart Personal Object trip, since it was about Microsoft abandoning an idea.  The actual reason I left this paragraph like this is to make a point; the internet as yet isn’t that good as a research tool unless you’ve got access to a database, and I’m not going to write my own cataloging tool at this age.  However, given the time it can yield fascinating results at random.


The point of all this is actually quite simple.  The over-use of acronyms is self-defeating.  They were meant to make communication more efficient.  If you have one word that means “I’m hungry” and “You’re beautiful” you may have a potential problem.  Random attempts to shorten language usage aren’t likely to work, main reason being that there’s so much inescapable judgment intrinsic to communication as we know it.  Expressionist painters are fine but when you want to have a teaching tool the ones who paint what they see do best.  When morality is taught on the basis of legacy and with most intrusion from the outside world being adjudged a violation of rights “error” [we’ll not go down that path just yet either] isn’t just likely, it will occur.


I should restate that.  Reality is basically currently centered on the family.  “What goes on in the family should stay inside the family” is the tacit statement, still, of the government of the United States at all levels.  Intervention is the exception not the rule.  Mind you, that’s not all bad, because the potential abuse of the power to train citizens from childhood is frightening to consider.  What can be abused will be.  Unfortunately, the consequence of the current construction is that some people are raised to be psychotic from childhood.  The definition of paranoia in a specific case must always first arise from an examination of all facts available.  The definition of terms by agreed assumption is the guarantee of error.


Where does this add?  It’s about to stop.  An acronym contains words, and as such quite often those words are rarely even accessed “consciously”.  What you don’t see you don’t examine, you don’t question.  Many of our daily definitions function on the level of acronyms; we don’t even notice, much less comprehend.


At least this, like the other writing, like the reading and thinking…helps distract from the pain.



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Maybe the worst error in attributing cause

is simply its near-invisibility.  The number of assumptions in any statement employing cause as a given is nearly infinite.  The guy who had just gotten fired and went into the nearest {pub, bar, whatever the fuck} to drink a glass of alcoholic beverage and then went and sprayed everyone in management at his former place of employment…probably didn’t do so just because of the {beer, wine, whiskey, whatever}.  If the music was really bad where he went, I suppose that could have contributed to it.  By the way, by “spraying” I don’t just mean peeing and missing.


In a world where the right to anything including life is governed first of all by money and secondly by acceptance [whose acceptance is all-important depends on who you are, evidently]–where secondary sexual attributes are constantly emphasized and then often are supposed to be ignored–where good is literally variable, particularly depending on who you are, to expect someone who isn’t one of the privileged few and who comes from the privileged few to be able to establish some sort of stable good isn’t merely ridiculous.  It’s insane.  If I’m starving and you’re starving, and there’s just enough food for one or the other of us to keep on living (for tonight), good takes on a very special meaning all its own.  Sharing doesn’t work, by the way; it kills both of us.  As far as I can tell, in point of fact, all methodologies of definition of “morality” [whether in terms of [divinity/religion] or in terms of [stability/named group identity] have been classifiable as task-oriented.  That is, the actual basis was preservation of a social identity with a definite eye to keeping the existent power structure and all its benefits as well.


That’s why I’m not truly outraged at having been found a criminal because I’m epileptic, for instance.  Enough for the day.


P.S.  The connection to chronic pain is simply this:  this kind of thinking is what helps keep me from concentrating on the pain.  It’s all too easy for it to dominate one’s entire existence.

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On Judgment

I could nearly even try to stay with the subject today.  However, there are a couple of other things I’m going to babble about that are fairly important (like not going to warez, and don’t think everything or maybe anything I write about is third hand, told to me) today, like some fairly obvious moves by the government.  It’s been 30+ years since I was even associated with it, so I feel a trifle more secure.


However, this post is about the line between humor and pathos and the ability to judge between.  I am absolutely not advising anyone to contact the purported victim in the last link; it could all too easily be a new variation on the infamous 419 scam, which is detailed in the article linked (basically, someone has a lot of money and they’re offering to give you some if you let them have access to your bank account).  [As for phishing, it’s easy.  If it’s too good to be true, it is.  What you miss will be far outweighed by what you gain.]


About a quarter of this country’s [the USA] population is admitted to be poor by the government.  Oddly enough, a fraction of them were once in the $100,000 a year plus bracket; football heroes (or whatever), and so forth, although most are functional illiterates.  Yet still in the political rhetoric of this country there is a continual referencing to the individual’s worth in terms of wealth–in terms of property, tangible or not.  Without the poor there is no wealth, and some I think need wealth as much as others need power.  Each separation we make that allows us to disassociate–to tell ourselves that we could never be there or do that thing–is a lie.


Most of the homeless are psychotics who can’t stand to live in places where their living is managed.  They’re happier fending for themselves.  Most of those who live in cities would have no idea of how to live without the city’s infrastructure.  Intelligence is unproven as a virtue.  As we have defined it, it amounts to puzzle-solving on a 2-dimensional framework, by means of a mandated referencing system.  Use language incorrectly and your message is incorrect.  That means that changes to language are actively resisted as threats, and that means that governing entities can never accept change well.


But that’s mere and empty rhetoric.


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