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behaviorism, a simplistic view




Behaviorism says that if there are consistent results to actions, then there will be consistent, predictable behavioral results (mostly based on the classification of the results, it would seem). If the results are inconsistent, you’re liable to have inconsistent actions with regard to whatever, particularly if the payoff is really big. (That means that even though they’re liable to lose at whatever, people keep doing things—because they find that reward so delightfully irresistible. The existence of this tendency gives real strength to the argument that at least for some people, for pleasure to be complete, there must be something usually considered negative.


Bear in mind it definitely can be argued that a lot of this involves words rather than real things. I’ve known a couple of the people who need pain and such. I don’t think they totally understood it either, but one thing definitely involved that I never saw brought up by one of those studies was that there was a sense of humor involved.


One thing society definitely is, is consistent actions. That is one component of stability.





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