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Site Advisor

Web of Trust.  The name sounds fairly inane for what it is, which is a good thing.  It purports to be another Haute Secure; another place where users (and automated checkers) can add opinions about sites, particularly things like typosquatters (DO NOT CLICK ON THIS like http/ / (it looks like it won’t activate as a link))–see the double “e” in wordpress?:  I’ve done it and was saved by software).  I am not sure about it, especially because of the lacking “https” rather than “http”.  I have one recommendation and one “I had to install it to get my computer working right”:  mine is doing fine with both at the moment.

Minor note, I have been saved once by Web Security Guard courtesy of Crawler.  Directing me away from an unknown site is a good way to make me less suspicious, which I am by nature.  (Then again:  my grandfather, adopted father/uncle, brother/cousin, brother-in-law/cousin-in-law…and I…all had Top Secret clearances.  May come with the jeans, genes, or territory.  Being paranoid, I mean.)


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Open DNS

It works.  It’s here and read every scrap of documentation carefully.  The problem I started having was that it was knocking my (broadband) connection down all too regularly.  Threatfire goes next if this doesn’t solve it.  Of course, all I actually did was uninstall the local software, so this could get quite a bit more complicated.


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