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The Former Entry

That should be translucent; not opaque but offering little in the way of detail. Anything I might have said before regarding certain things I could talk about wasn’t covered by any possible security blanket; private imaginations–those which aren’t accompanied by ‘proof’–can’t be classified. The moment that one is officially acknowledged as an employee, past or present, things change permanently. There is a whole plethora of things I’ll never mention publicly again. If I were to write an autobiography, it wouldn’t be on the net; it would be there for posthumous publication. I am not saying that I’m in the process of doing so; I generally find myself bored by my past. PTSD moments change that, but fortunately they don’t last long. PTSD days have me caught in that same past I can no longer detail, generally only for a day (all of us had a bad month fifty years after the ending of the Vietnam war, even those never diagnosed with PTSD).

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