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At last report, I was getting a (somewhat specious) error every time I opened Chrome.  Remember, it’s still in beta.  That was from the latest update; I’m awaiting some sort of news, otherwise I’ll probably try it again at about the end of the week.  Currently it’s completely uninstalled from my computer.  Speaking of uninstalls, never forget CCleaner; the link is actually to the update page.  Both tools I saw mentioned there (file recovery and Defraggler–defrag tool) are legitimate as well.  And even if you do an uninstall from CCleaner, I recommend you use it for its stated purpose, because as far as I know no uninstaller is perfect; it’s just that CCleaner gives you a couple of seconds wait rather than a minute or so to populate the friggin’ list.


September 21, 2008 at 3:59 pm Leave a comment