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1-Click Answers

First of all, I got to the point that system performance was being really degraded by the stuff I had running.  I also watched the degradation.  It wasn’t like I wasn’t aware of it.  I also wanted to find out what the boundaries were, because I’m pretty much where I want to be in terms of tools.  Now I need to figure out things like how I can use them without the degradation, or at least with the potential to turn things off when I want to.

Secondly, I found myself really missing 1-Click Answers, which is’s attempt to compete in the search market.  That’s belittling, and I’ll leave it to the reader to decide if that’s appropriate.  Jeeves never did well.  It also survived.


I wanted to see what sort of slowdown it might introduce on a blog entry (which was where I had found myself missing it, elsewhere).  Not much.  I’m not seeing any CPU usage…well, much…on the minimized Windows Task Manager…the spikes I believe are from Open DNS, which I need to make an entry about.


So this will pretty much be my task for the day; I will be rebooting immediately after this because of some performance peculiarities and may just take 1-click answer right the f back off.


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