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Fight, Flight…Restated: We Can Choose to Flee, Fight, or Submit

That’s actually the major part of this entry made simple.  The ‘simpler’ form is the product of a self-published book ‘The Territorial Imperative’, which in fact was initially widely derided.  One fatal flaw is that it might make it difficult to mate.  Society would be impossible.  In fact, families couldn’t exist, and mammals learn by copying.  Rather, we haven’t found an exception to that one yet.  In fact, it’s the only actual instinct in humans that we know of.  The rest of the so-called instincts are quite entirely disputable.  I was an example that fear of falling is not in the least universal, nor of spiders.  Learned.  I didn’t learn fear of   falling very well.  It is entirely doubtful that any given protocol can be identified as “natural”.

Which flies in the face of conventional wisdom.  But then wise people have never been able to stand me, they call me a wise ass. …

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Stress, Seeking Help, and Human Males: Part I

The American culture as we know it is rather heavily derived from two things; an English subculture (by far mostly the lower class, at most “shop and bar keeps” as I read the description once) and the ‘Puritanical’ Protestant version of Christianity, which was more heavily influenced by Calvin than Luther.  That it’s largely descended from Britain is rather easily deduced from the national language, which both sides admit is not British English; in fact, we have troubles understanding those from that little group of islands; we understand Australians more easily.  Those on the West Coast who aren’t “old money” are descended from a subculture of that, the criminal-adventurer.  Although there was homesteading there was a constant need for a firearm and the ability to use it, and the biggest threat was not anything but human.

We treasure guilt, for some reason.  It is one of the first things we are taught, rather than that there are actions to avoid–and REASONS for the avoidance.  Some ass who tells you not to do things with no reason behind the ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’ will have a rebel on his hands or hers.  Why?  Because without a logic there is more than a probability of random rewards and punishment.  I’ve never seen that not happen, in about 56 years of close observation.  Yes, I observed before I knew to call it that.  I lived among those who were devout “Christians” and who abused children and somehow justified it.  What they tiptoed about with me was probably just that, getting me to yield; then I would have killed them.  [They couldn’t understand why I disowned them, even after they hid their actual son’s pedophilia with his own daughter–as did, apparently, the Navy–when they couldn’t even remember who was a top student and who nearly failed–when they lied to themselves and others so much that my adopted mother actually ended with Alzheimer’s from sheer confusion between what was and wasn’t.  I think she did very well to abandon two of her children (that her two legitimate children never knew of) to the state orphanage system.  What I am trying to say is that somehow going to church on Sunday led them to believe their workday actions were good, from all I could gather.  As it turned out they were not unnoticed in the community.  I could have gone to college at 13 if they’d allowed it.  I cannot imagine why they kept me–but then they couldn’t have imagined how utterly dangerous that was.  Yes, I dreamed of it; if you haven’t gathered what ‘it’ was  you are sublimely innocent.

They sent me to a psychiatrist, who took me and terminated ‘counseling’ them.  My ‘perspective’ or ‘viewpoint’ is in fact utterly validated.

The point? that is not unusual.  That we discover a few means that there are many, and that they are hidden primarily because the ‘perpetrators’, the ‘sinners’, the ‘guilty’…feel somehow vindicated by something, and because those who know them admire them.  Often they don’t apparently admire the hidden actions.  An experiment I performed captures indifference, disbelief or most likely unwillingness for involvement.  I can tell you it was an experiment, and that is all.  It was not illegal.

If the male (like that adopted “brother”) has desires he can’t mouth without punishment, what does he do?

If a male is raped, and seeks help, he will be first ridiculed and then told he solicited it.  He may even face legal charges.

Seeking psychiatric help is extremely dangerous, because the person counseling is an M.D. and believes that prescribed drugs are the primary fix for all ills.  They do not want to probe the human psyche because they are behaviorists and   basically don’t believe there is one.  See a psychologist.  The M.D. has spent 8 or so years becoming a doctor and then started studying psychology.  The psychologist has spent 8 years or so studying psychology.  [Admission:  I do have a psychology degree.  Admission:  I have had forcible and volitional care through each.  I  have made blanket statements; Dr. Spiro, the first psychiatrist–was a humanist, and prescribed drugs last.  He took a case rather than class approach.  He tended to inclusive rather than exclusive definitions.]

The gene described is more likely something that made people–primarily male–leave the cities and go to the Wild West.  There is one minor, tiny little problem.  Space is as yet unreachable because the Powers (those with money, not gods, presumably) haven’t made it so and feel invincible and immortal (they will quite certainly not be hit by meteors).  The same is true with the Deep Sea.

And, by the way…yes, I would go to the West, even though it meant my death.  The same quasi-scientists that quote him talk about scientific “proof” while the empirical HYPOTHESIS says that all you can achieve is inability to disprove.

The next part is intended to be about that asinine “Fight or flight” presupposition  which has nothing to do with anything at all.  Except an eccentric and self-centered millionaire who self-published a  book after vainly seeking publication before.  The same quasi

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About the Excuses Here

Yup, stay for the ant control.  That is not a mindless excuse; it’s mindfulness, sorry.

Jealousy? very probable.  Doh.  My wife has in the past thought I had my eye on various absurd women.  The latest is a chica (thus the word chick, incidentally, with the added thought that absolutely everyone finds ‘chicks’ in actuality cute, even psychopaths; technically I am one since I have PTSD and qualify under a few other headings; however, it’s not illegal, immoral or even unfashionable to be a psychopath; you’re just not supposed to act it all out so you join the military) who used to work at Harry and David [HAND, recent acquisition by FLWS] as a supervisor over me and wasn’t totally pleasant.  I have a habit of understatement.  She found me attractive as a next door neighbor (revealed when she was drunk; I reveal nothing when drunk from childhood experiences (teens is still a child and I was a sailor) and less when sober (as always now; medication).  Thus my wife was convinced I must be mortally attracted (logic?).  Which means that when I go to my chiropractor (of whom she was already jealous)…never mind.

Very few desires have impelled me, although many have inspired me.

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