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Vista: A Conspiracy

That’s right.  I finally figured it out.  It’s a conspiracy.

I mean, I know I’m old.  Not really old; that’s twice my age.  When I was five years old, though, by god, someone fifty-five years old got a little respect.  Now they tell me how young I am.  That really makes me eager to fumble out my reading glasses, you understand. 


As my readers know, I recently lost two computers.  One had XP Pro (64-bit), the other XP Home.  This one is Vista Home Ultimate (32 bit).  Those idiots at Microsoft have lost their ever-loving minds.  Having finally thought to change everything back to Windows Classic I can actually read the ***** font without reading glasses or a magnifying glass.  It all runs faster, too.  Just like that deactivation just prior to this in the Startup folder.  Which reminds me; thus, I’m terminating this entry.  Those who already read it and are reading this; the deactivation would be in the startup folder.  Don’t deactivate an exec file.  Theoretically you don’t know how to do it, and you don’t need to; you only need the reference to it deactivated, which is what “deactivating” (most) entries in the Startup folder means.


P.S.  As an added bonus as with every other Microsoft special that isn’t necessary…once removed, your computer runs faster.  Aero to Basic, and Classic View on everything you can find, particularly Folders in Control Panel and personalize on a right click on the desk top.

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