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voices, from another room
thought long empty:
visions, haunting ghosts.
(i rarely search
my memory, these days;
there are
far too many voices)

as you investigate, find
nothing, and stoop
to tidy, you refuse to wonder

what might have answered, had
you responded to that
long-remembered voice.

(:Voices, from another room
thought long empty…)


I wonder if anyone wondered.  Yes, a ms. titled after a poem in it.  If there’s a question that seems obvious, I don’t know, roughly coeval.  *It is also Schrodinger’s cat and I also don’t know how to umlaut easily–okay, Doc, I’m too lazy.


I thought of making up a poll on how unpleasant people find my prosaic ramblings and realized they would probably tell me.  They’re welcome to do so as long as it doesn’t involve vulgarity too extreme*.  If they make me feel really paranoid I’ll just up the home defenses and rely on my nonexistent hearing.


OOPS.  Tell me if I get too highbrow in the language too.  I was just doing that.  I’ve tried to avoid it as much as I can for many years now–25?  Advice from a writer.  Sometimes doesn’t work with poetry at all and maybe overdoing it now.  <burnout>  It was mostly an appropriate gesture to  make at this point, and I hope that makes sense to someone…



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