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The one way in which “Web 2.0” is truly a valid concept to mind is this; we’re on the way for the first time to constructing a group artifact that we could call reality.  I don’t think we can capitalize it yet.  The next thing is to learn how to forget some things we don’t even remember learning–like (oddly enough) “the group is always right!”  At least, though, we did make it somewhere to where programmers were no longer the shrouded and coiffed keepers of The Holy Grail.  It even turned out they had dandruff.  Of course, it’s now that we’re trying to deal with our need for authority.  [That’s why we keep putting off the adaptability bit for another day.]


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A Bit Further Explanation of the Previous Post…

“Web 2.0” to me means, basically, storing your information in vulnerable places.  Like on the net and it’s becoming an increasingly poor choice.  Especially since pilferage and theft flourish in times of economic unrest.  Yes, I believe that’s a quote…just don’t ask me who said it.  WordWeb is, like it or not, a manifestation of social networking–a tool which encourages such networking.  Social networking in turn encourages exploration of any nooks and crannies for exploitability.  If working as an accountant doesn’t work, you turn to begging (it’s an old Sherlock Holmes story, sorry)…and if that doesn’t work, to survive, you may find you try any number of things.  Assuming that someone you don’t know is honest–unless it’s a blog like this, referencing things I can’t change, with legit references as far as you want to check (like PC World, eWeek and so on)–is something I can’t encourage.  And frankly, I think any reader of mine should try to check the links I provide.  For the record, I’m not providing any hooks, and you can Google “oregonnerd” and find quite a bit of reference…


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Microsoft and the Web

Here is one of the classic rants I’ve ever read about installing stuff from Microsoft (sometimes:  sometimes it’s smooth).  The supposed transition to Windows Live, the great experience, wiped out to the best of my knowledge.  I’d only had the address for over ten years.  You’ve gotta read that link if you’ve ever been frustrated with Windows, the Web and particularly Microsoft.


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Facebook and Social Networking

I’m going to vary a bit from the fellow in this article in just one thing.  Facebook is social networking.  Social networking is the act of forming a social network.  That latter definition was modified when it was realized that a religion was classifiable as a social network.  A social network is a group over a hundred people.  The term was coined in the 1950’s and originally meant 100-150 people.  Essentially, you share beliefs or practices with enough others to classify as a social network.


Web 2.0 means the internet has become a social network.  This means that we have the concept of social networking suddenly embracing a bunch of executives (brain)storming with each other included.  Facebook is not a social network; at best it’s a tool toward it.


It’s also a commercial enterprise that makes money, which is why it exists.  Our great tool for social interaction thus far is a great tool for spending money.  The knowledge on it is disorganized at best; we have so many acronyms there are various dictionaries for them.  Read the first article I linked to, please.


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