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Secunia: Tests of Badware Protection Suites

I in particular have suggested that Threatfire, RUBotted (RU botted? as in, which is NewSpeak), and at least one or the other of WOT (Web of Trust)/Haute Secure–as well as an anti-virus application be used, along with Secunia’s free update-checker…at least.  Here is at least somewhat of a validation.  If you could, I’d suggest using more than one AV program or suite, but don’t try it because they’ll conflict, each detecting the other’s actions, with the first-installed usually coming out the winner.

I’d suggest that if you buy an anti-virus suite you use the free programs noted above.  The answer to “Why?” is in the “here” link above, to the comment by Secunia.  FileHippo, by the way, is a very poor second to checking updates on programs.


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Here is an article on the click-jacking I mentioned.  Patch Tuesday is coming up, and there are some patches; once again, apply them.  Be aware for now that there is nothing to do to absolutely guard against the hi-jacking of your browser, which is one of the reasons I’ve repeatedly recommended both Web of Trust and Haute Secure.


P.S.  Watch out for searches on Web of Trust, since they can lead directly to badware sites.  I’m using that (still) rather than malware, simply because ‘malware’ sounds a bit too dignified.  After all, the first exploits were simply spam with a tag or two…

When I refer to searches, specifically things like the Crawler search, which simply has been under-utilized.

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Netflix pop-ups

These are an attempt to install badware.  ALT + F4 doesn’t work very well, and you don’t want to click on the page because there are probably hidden links.  These are bogus and identified (by more than one site-identifier, and by the software attempted to download).  If you get that pop-up, close the page.


P.S.  ABC news, for one, has that; middle picture, don’t click on it although you can click on the intended link (thus far).  WOT (Web of Trust) will actually stop you from visiting the site, at least apparently.  So it’s a rigged *.gif, *.jar, *.jpg or whatever.

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Web of Trust

Web of Trust is legitimate.  More than that, there’s timely response to reports; one of the developers is evidently watching for comments on (for instance) PC World Business and offering advice and (Free!) help.  More than this, “Web of Trust” doesn’t conflict with Haute Secure, which is a browser-wide tool rather than just IE and Mozilla Firefox.  (I have tried it with Opera, K-Meleon (which I don’t advise) and Avant as well.)  The way things are on the internet–they’re going to get worse with the worldwide depression–the more protection the better, unfortunately.  You known that loathsome virus scan that slows up your computer while you’re trying to work on it?  Make sure it runs, regardless.  My god; I’m paranoid…or realistic.


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Site Advisor

Web of Trust.  The name sounds fairly inane for what it is, which is a good thing.  It purports to be another Haute Secure; another place where users (and automated checkers) can add opinions about sites, particularly things like typosquatters (DO NOT CLICK ON THIS like http/ / (it looks like it won’t activate as a link))–see the double “e” in wordpress?:  I’ve done it and was saved by software).  I am not sure about it, especially because of the lacking “https” rather than “http”.  I have one recommendation and one “I had to install it to get my computer working right”:  mine is doing fine with both at the moment.

Minor note, I have been saved once by Web Security Guard courtesy of Crawler.  Directing me away from an unknown site is a good way to make me less suspicious, which I am by nature.  (Then again:  my grandfather, adopted father/uncle, brother/cousin, brother-in-law/cousin-in-law…and I…all had Top Secret clearances.  May come with the jeans, genes, or territory.  Being paranoid, I mean.)


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