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About Upgrading to Pro from Home (win)

I don’t want to cut-and-paste the article for a number of reasons. If you have Home and do the $99 upgrade to Pro, and your “product number”–always located on the bottom, so things are nice and easy–suddenly becomes invalid, read this carefully and try it. The generic product number there worked for me. My product number was on a newly-bought (and recently made, theoretically–no, hypothetically, sorry) HP computer. I just now used the one given there, and I’m no longer being harassed by that message on all screens except streamed stuff, “Your Windows product number is invalid, please correct”. That isn’t the exact message except in meaning.


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Computer Slower Since Win 10? This Might Help


Well, Win 10 botted it.

To stop this…go to settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Advanced Options, Choose How Updates Are Delivered…and there is the option to turn off getting TOR type deliveries of updates from the internet.

Why would you do that?

How long will it be until someone manages to use this to make a real bot network.  I of course ascribe pristine principles to Microsoft.

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How Do I Change My Windows 10 Screensaver?

The idiots at Microsoft hid it behind the control panel.  Minimize or close the control panel and you can see it.  I wrote this because I had to discover it three times; this means that I’ll remember it.  God.

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