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The Worm Mentioned Earlier

Is just that.  Once the infection arrives, it can be spread with no user intervention;  that is, a trojan that morphs into a worm. [*you should arrive at *–my part in combatting some things that have been going on with links posted, although I tend not to have truly enormous amounts of readers.]  If you read the article, you can see researchers are also worried about this one.  Any for that matter, anything that manages to add something even temporarily to the Start folder with an *.exe type format…is a worm.  The article is interesting and short.  Name of file dropped is basesvc.dll, in case you don’t have the time–it would be a fun thing to do to search for it on your computer.  Dll files generally reside in Windows, of course, System and System32.  This doesn’t mean that a dynamic linked library cannot reside outside these folders.


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