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Google apps, a first take (and some other maunderings)

I was waiting, to be honest.  I have nothing in particular to link this to other than our friend which is by now well known.  I’ve used Gmail since a little run-in with Charter.  I’d been deliberating for about a year on the fact that having an ISP-based web address had implicit vulnerabilities.  Like an unanticipated switch.  Some ISPs will store e-mail, I’ve heard.  If you have web-based business, you can’t afford to have an ISP-based address except as backup.  Even if your business isn’t web-based, having that kind of keying (to a specific ISP) is idiotic in this day and age.  It’s about on the level of accepting a mobile phone usage plan.  Get a pay-as-you-go and accept the limitations, or they’ll eventually get their $200 or whatever.  Or pay the money up front.  Unfortunately business is out there solely to make a dollar, and honesty (like honor) is a rarity in this country even in personal relations.  Pity.  We live in a world where “trust” is a synonym for “stupidity”.


Anyway, the apps have one particular surprise.  It had been hinted.  It looks like this is going to include a (full?) anti-badware suite.  That’s a huge step toward a web-based OS and an entirely different approach to information processing.  There are inherent dangers (the 1984 model) but those dangers have existed since at least the mid-1960s when random wire-tapping for keywords started.  I already had the Open Office suite; I’m finding (using it on my other computer) that I actually like it better than 602Text and my antediluvian Office 97 or whatever.  The “AI” doesn’t even drive me crazy.


If I were buying a new computer and it came with a Windows disk, and Windows were installed with crapware…I think I would put the Windows disk in, re-install Windows, get Internet up and install the Google package.  Risk-free and Internet just don’t mix.  Low risk exists, and this may fill the package at truly minimal expense for the home user.


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Avant Browser, After Some Experience

It would seem to be my new browser.  There are enough features that an exhaustive list would be <ahem> exhausting.  Don’t disable the tooltips on startup.  I am only recommending this for Windows; I intend to go a couple of other places today and freely advertise it.  Its home page is here.  Note that I don’t necessarily recommend this for any Apple product and that I’ve hinted that before in a hundred-word post.  Read any applicable warnings before trying it with a Mac.  Please.  Pretty Please.


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I have, since about 1972.  I’ve gotten Windows set up again.  A Netsky worm hit me, and I couldn’t manage to get it out of the OS, so…


Now I’m setting up ancillary programs from Notepad ++ to demonstar to Office 97.  The backup I tried to do failed because I needed to setup a floppy recovery disk.  I should go read the Windows Knowledge Base on this, because it’s almost certainly a registry setting to make it ‘cd’.  Whatever.  I hate computers.  And if you see a programmer, shoot him for me.


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