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The primary derivation of meaning is the medium in which it is expressed.


That is, language forms the word, and the word shapes the sentence.  Language forms and shapes reality so that truths are obvious to us; the king is obviously clothed.  And the words of his servitors are obviously truths.


More than that, the search for truth, then, is traitorous and should be punished.


Fortunately, our president’s haircut is already popular, so no enforcement is necessary.  He can even laugh at himself, something apparently outlawed in North Korea.

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The Windows Updates

I might be somewhat of a nag, particularly at times.  This is the most important time in 2008 to let Windows update.  The Access data base and Word were particularly at risk, there were some Active-X apps that were at best risky (and disabled)…26 ZERO-DAY VULNERABILITIES.  Let them execute, no matter how much of a fundamental pain it is.  Bear in mind that file formats in general are at risk, at least the most-popular (I will repeat, using Google Gadgets right now is not recommended, and I have made an earlier post to the effect).   Abiword is something that uses different file formats, and I do actually recommend it–but it’s only a word processor.  The OpenOffice *.odt (and so forth) files are not going to be particularly secure at this time.


What am I saying? back up your data.  White-line it (protect it from outside, unauthorized access, particularly active access).  I was screaming about the always-on internet when it appeared because it would encourage things precisely like this.  I’ve yet to see a modem that connects on-request, although my system nearly comes close.  The reason for that is quite simple; something always connected to the internet allows a great deal more access from outside than something that connects to it for usage only (and ideally would be disconnected by the [expletive deleted] system after too much lack of usage, similar to Gmail).  Unfortunately that model couldn’t work for at least most businesses at this point.  Nor would it work for the streamers.


What I’m trying to do is encourage a feeling of paranoia.




About 50% of the Internet, especially home users, are absolutely totally unprotected against nearly all attacks.  Many even delay or deny virus definition updates.


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