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A Freeware Download Manager

that works with Firefox.  It’s reminiscent of GetRight, except it does work with Firefox, which currently is the browser of choice because of the click-jacking bit and the NoScript capability of the aforementioned.  NoScript has a fairly steep but short learning curve, at least for me (newbie novice that I am).  You’ll see–that’s the download page referenced by PC World, by the way–that it advertises speeded downloads.  That means it will search for alternate download sites and combine.  I experimented with it on PalTalkScene, a multi-chat-client program.  I recommend DownThemAll (the download manager, not the drunk at the local bar); I have no recommedations one way or the other for any chat client.  All of them are essentially and inherently dangerous.  Don’t accept links, don’t even figure that whoever you’re chatting with is, well, who you’re chatting with, even if they’re someone you’ve known internet-wise for years.  If you’re internet-wise, that is.  It’s getting like one of those morphing horror flicks.

I really did lie, didn’t I?  Just call me Dick (Nixon, not Tracy).


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Web of Trust

Web of Trust is legitimate.  More than that, there’s timely response to reports; one of the developers is evidently watching for comments on (for instance) PC World Business and offering advice and (Free!) help.  More than this, “Web of Trust” doesn’t conflict with Haute Secure, which is a browser-wide tool rather than just IE and Mozilla Firefox.  (I have tried it with Opera, K-Meleon (which I don’t advise) and Avant as well.)  The way things are on the internet–they’re going to get worse with the worldwide depression–the more protection the better, unfortunately.  You known that loathsome virus scan that slows up your computer while you’re trying to work on it?  Make sure it runs, regardless.  My god; I’m paranoid…or realistic.


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