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Another day in recovery…

but this part ain’t what you think.  You see, my wife had total use of these computers for just about 3 years.  Every once in a while, mind you, I’d actually try to bug her into doing things.  You know, complicated things.  Like defragmenting.  That take so terribly long if done regularly.


Yes, for the uninitiated, this is sarcasm.  Pure sarcasm.  Unless you screw up and do a surface check, an ordinary defrag will take maybe twenty minutes on hundred gigs or less with lots of file movement (temps and stuff like that; mostly it means downloads, whether from devices or the internet).


You have no excuse to do that.  You have no excuse at all for not emptying out the fucking recycle bin.  2,093 items?


At which point I conclude this post, lest I proceed to rant, rave and generally froth at the fucking mouth.



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