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Wuala and sweet partings


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Wuala: more information

On a dual-core 64 bit 3 gig AMD processor (A8V-E deluxe motherboard) while running it uses about 3-4% CPU time.  No significant RAM footprint.  I have ‘lost’ internet connection during startup because it wants to connect.  What does? the virtual drive and the virtual microsoft board, of course.  I’ve taken it off startup (I’m on 7/1 DSL, so it’s fast) and since the Wuala program isn’t hogging everything trying to connect to the internet and Windows at the same time…the boot time has merely been reduced by about 90 seconds.  The response practically reminds me of dialup.  I’m getting close to the end of my testing on it. 


I would use it to connect to others like me… [oregonnerd–gmail]  I do have invitations.



(it’s just I wouldn’t wish this on anyone)

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More on this:  it looks like a drive to Windows (or whatever, as in Power Desk) and can be shared.  How different this is from other applications I don’t see as yet–other than the ease of file transfers.  I have 15 invitations, apparently.  I’m oregonnerd and I’m a gmail user.  I wouldn’t use it as yet for online backup, but it might be the new…WordPress?



I’ll check out the suggested tag for online storage and do some research.  I was simply interested to see the Asus appear on the market again, with a true reminiscence of the old IBM 8100/dumb terminal operating model.

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Wuala/Online Storage

For the average reader, I’d say don’t try this for now.  I do actually have a Norton Ghost type backup in the wings if it truly gets serious.  It is still in alpha stage, so I’m not providing links. is one of the lesser-known online mailbox offerings, that’s been around since the days of Compuserve.  The download seems quite harmless, and the load of spam that used to come with my old address (no longer available because of suffix) doesn’t now, which probably means better AI type screening.


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