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Let us not forget to mention tiny XP.  This is set to go with driver support and all when MS drops it, which they will.  It’s also got a microscopic footprint according to the blurbs.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I do know that legitimate sources have declared it legit.  [Now, please think about that.  I mean exactly what I say.  And pages do get hijacked constantly.  LOOK at the prompts, for one thing.


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Another MicroSoft delay–but over XP??

This, in combination with growing consumer anger over the MS forcing the switch to Vista (the last I counted there were ten pages of comments in the referenced article–and although there were Vista defenders, they weren’t wildly enthusiastic as users were when XP was released), seems very likely to result in true market damage for the company.  Very few things, especially when they’re social “things”, are invulnerable.  The confidence of the people that are the target buyers is being shaken, and in a way that can’t be simply shrugged off.  I’d say the real problem started with integration of a browser with a file manager (silly me); however, that’s irrelevant.  Microsoft needs to fix Vista as much as possible, and get an excellent–not just viable–Operating System on the market, while maintaining XP, or the results are going to be beyond what anyone currently believes possible.


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