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IT ISN’T.  You were cruising Yahoo and you didn’t have javascript blocked.  NOTICE that this is a javascript file you have ‘requested to download’.


Never take a Firefox Update from Yahoo.  To check to see if your version of Mozilla Firefox is current, go to the ‘hamburger menu’ [three lines stacked on one another], click, go to help, go to about.  If your version of Firefox isn’t current it will automatically update.


Any other method should be regarded as suspect.  Even if you’re almost positive that the ‘update’ is genuine it cannot possibly hurt to double check.  If you don’t the results vary from minor inconvenience (removing all apps and starting fresh, getting them back one by one) to quite conceivably ushering in a virus or rootkit.


These attempts are becoming more and more frequent.  Good luck.

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yahoo!, toolbar offers and auto-downloads

I don’t like downloads that don’t notify me.  That’s even when I’ve chosen them from wherever they’re sent.  I want the layer of protection that means my browser/OS will let me know when a download may start and gives me the option to allow it or not.


I have chosen every **** thing to do that.  IE gets caught by GetRight (now with one exception).  Firefox at least polices its own downloads, so there is a dialogue, even if it’s not as I prefer with GetRight.


And yahoo! just sneaked right by GetRight on the toolbar installation bit.  I was notified here and there.  My real concern here is the expectable user in my experience.  I’m not talking about a business setting, or anywhere that security tends to be a primary concern.  In my opinion we’ve come full swing as far as banking services go:  sure, check your balance online.  I suppose.  Get a keylogger installed on your computer and they have full access.  Keyloggers are badware, and they are out there. 


Don’t do automatic payments, in my opinion.  Make it that much more of a pain for anyone to gain complete access.  As far as actual security goes, short of having a big USB drive that goes with you (and doesn’t go in the washing machine, mind)–which isn’t foolproof either–I don’t know.


I’d like to see people start bugging the makers of browsers for that one more layer on downloads–so that none of them occur automatically unless critical, and then they’re with notification.  And a critical download could actually be layered between executables so that the user would have to click a message indicating that said message was understood.  I’m not just paranoid, either, unfortunately.  I’ve heard too many third-party stories about ripoffs on the net.  I think most of my friends have learned to either do at least the minimal things necessary for security or just keep shut around me.


P.S.  The additions to the yahoo! toolbar seem okay.  I like Avant better than Firefox at this point, which I like better than IE.  However, all work okay.

P.P.S.  I’ve felt mildly guilty all these years over the computer I bought for my wife.  I had occasion to  boot up both at the same time this morning.  Hers was at least as fast.  I read something somewhere about Americans and Englishmen are the only ones who if they can’t find anything to feel guilty about…can feel guilty about that.  Not feeling guilty, I mean.

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and all that stuff.  Talks and walks keep going on, with Yang seeming set up as the fall guy.  Yahoo’s shares have dropped and so has MS’s offer; Google participation isn’t in fact clear at this time.  I expect actual news soon, although probably not this Monday.  I haven’t linked to a single thing because at this point there’s nothing hard going on, just a bunch of speculation, although I expect I’ll be doing some further looking.


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Yahoo! another bug.

Computer news sometimes reminds me of Jack the Giant Killer, which started with fly-killing.


Anyway, there was a Yahoo! cross-site scripting vulnerability patched on June 13th.  Here it is June 26th and Cenzic is alerting us.  So now for some serious research.  So here we go.  Briefly, there was a vulnerability for a month or so (the first blog summary I purviewed might not have been fully accurate) that Yahoo! didn’t notify users of or about.  That indicates a serious error they don’t know how to fix.  Generally, in a case like this, they’re not even at first entirely sure of how to start.  Comments at the end of the second article I referenced make it sound like users are fairly dubious. 


…If it just wasn’t for all those users, IT, programmers and especially the inbetween support staff would have much easier lives.  As far as someone bringing me over a computer that has communication problems with a new printer…bring the printer too.  As far as me setting up your computer for an encrypted network on XP, I’d give it even odds that it’ll just default to WEP encryption, although it shouldn’t.  Things actually tend not to work correctly around me, even though that is of course impossible.  She’s using open networks and definitely isn’t experienced enough with Windows to go through the setup routine for Networks on the Control Panel.  My real beef with Windows is that…never mind.  I think I’ll clean the house for a while.  Pet the cat.  Avoid words that tend to reveal I was a sailor, and that my mother was (or mothers were) daughters of a sailor, and remember the sea’s uncanny silence.  And write some more on that novel.  And someday, learn.


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Yahoo!s Home Page

They may actually change it to be usable!  The write I saw was about the Australian site but they’ve already changed the American site!  It seems like I have to end all of my sentences with exclamation marks!


…and I can finally quite using MSN as a home page.  It really has burned me all these years that it’s simply been the most functional.  Avant Browser appearing and what appears likely to be a viable home page that has nothing to do with Microsoft…what’s next?  We might even get to vote for the president, instead of the electoral college.


–Sorry, I was dreaming there.


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Internet Black Holes

I haven’t seen much on the black holes since the initial announcement…but the New York Times analysis of the Yahoo!-Microsoft merger gone bad–this following on a Sunday article I won’t link to because I’m waiting to see.  Note that the article to which I did link notes that talks between Google and Yahoo! have apparently ended.  Google had an escape option anyway, with a revenue clause written in.  The analyses which have been going on from late last year until now (and, let us note, are continuing) are interesting.  Icahn continues on the outside as more than a bit player, although he’s generally been regarded as a comedian in this particular venue until lately.  Judging by his assets (which heads down a philosophical line I won’t tread in news stories) I’d…not judge too hastily on the merits of his judgment.


God, I’m proud of that.  Maybe I can work for the government someday.


P.S.  What this means in real terms is:  no one knows quite what’s going on, but the information business is a very hot deal.

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