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A Personal Note, and Then a Warning–Be Paranoid On The Internet!

–Ever wondered about the root of the word? anyway, current events. The latest is that (although I’m off probation for having a seizure while driving, and while taking my medications properly–criminal mischief) I violated my probation, apparently, because of the seizures that continued through January of this year. Although I haven’t (yet) been violated–and yes, they can do an ex post facto. Right now I’m dancing around trying to get a license, sort of like ring around the rosie. The first problem is that violation thing. (I have finally contacted the state attorney general and the US attorney general. That was one fucking step too many. Sorry. The drug test that couldn’t make it 180 miles in six months was one thing–and the defense lawyer that wouldn’t take the case because the Public Pretender’s office had it and there was no drug test. So I merely asked calmly and politely if there were any recourse besides the VFW and DAV. I do qualify, after all. That was an e-mail today.

I’m feeling calmer now. I walked a quarter mile to the grocery store, and then back with 20 pounds of cat litter, cleaned the house, and exercised. Not enough energy to have a seizure or go into one of the autistic-like rages that have been characteristic of me since I was a tiny child when I was under enormous stress. Little things, you know, like Mom marrying an abusive alcoholic and then giving me up to my aunt and uncle… I’m starting at least to really recover from what turned out to be nearly 6 months in the hospital. I am back up to 155 pounds, sometimes make it up to 160–back to what I weighed when I got out of high school, to put things in perspective, what I weighed when I got out of boot camp.

Last note. Don’t stay logged into “social-networking sites”. There’s a thing called a GIFAR (.gif + .jar, evidently, so it’s the Ajax, which is java-script and active-x), which can slip right into your browser and then make itself homely in your computer, doing cool things like key-logging and then checking out your bank account. It was found to be a vulnerability even of LinkSys. I tend not to like them anyway. And use a lot of care downloading any kind of picture through the internet. Right at this point, I’m not sure I’d do it. I know I’d “white-line” something by opening it with Notepad ++ (contact me for a link if you want; much better than Notepad, performs all its functions and it cannot be used to run ***t) and if it wouldn’t open I probably wouldn’t use it. I got infected with a virus while setting Windows back up, and the only sites I can recall accessing at that time were Gmail (had a vulnerability that was announced at the Black Hat conference, fixed, notionally–BUT DON’T USE GOOGLE GADGETS!!!!!!!!!!–Open Office has everything Star Office has and every other bit of functionality can be had off the net at less-used and therefore less-vulnerable sites) and Microsoft. No links through IM not confirmed through e-mail, a posting, and a sample of the giver’s blood…the keynote theme of Black Hat this year seems to be ‘The Internet is Broken’ and while not true the keyword is paranoia. After that, realize you’re not careful enough. Zone Alarm!–Haute Secure is a well-maintained badsite list that it uses, it’s free. Threatfire, which does behavior-based scanning. Free. Let me know if you need links.



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Pay Pal’s Security Questioned, Yet Again

This time it’s demonstrably, as you can see here, although as the article is careful to point out the weakness hasn’t been successfully used as yet.  (Then again, over the years there have been at least 50 eBay stories I’ve happened upon that somehow never hit the major press.)


I’m also going to correct something I said recently.  Spybot S & D evidently no longer measures up, as shown by some recent reputable reviews.   If you use ZoneAlarm and AVG you’re pretty well covered; I’m actually using RuBotted to cover for rootkits (note this is a beta and not for the faint of heart) and then a suite.



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